Hidden Figures Review!

Hidden Figures Review!

The second to last film on my Oscar nominated film reviews. Hidden Figures is the review I bring to you today.

Here is the trailer if you wish to watch it.

This film has had a lot of buzz and the general opinion I have found is that, this film is amazing and truly special. I can say I really enjoyed the film, getting the story behind the story what a lot of us may already know. I personally don’t see anything really special with the film but it is great, don’t get me wrong.

The three main actresses in the film all bring a top notch performance, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae. Also the supporting cast around them were also amazing, like Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons. Showing us the struggles of living in a time when being an african american was looked down upon and treated differently.

Hidden 1.jpg

I didn’t know about this story when watching the film, I knew about the basic idea, around friendship 7 but nothing this deep. I am glad I watched this film and know more about a historic event.

I would recommend this film to anyone to wants to watch a good film, but like I stated I personally just didn’t connect to the film like I know others have. I would give this film a 4.5/5, I feel the film was maybe 10 minutes too long but that is another nitpick, I would tell anyone to watch this, especially if you are interested in space and the history of the space race because this is a fascinating film for that reason. Tell me what you all thought of the film by tweeting me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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