Fences Review!

Fences Review!

I am coming close to the end of my Oscar nominated film reviews, this time I bring you the review of Fences, the Denzel Washington directed film.

Here is the trailer if you fancy watching it.

I have just finished watching this film, maybe minutes ago and I can say this film is an amazing piece of cinema, we see different generations growing up, showing what parents will go through but ultimately what they need to go through.

This film has a few small twists in the story along way which I didn’t expect at all. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis give truly beautiful performances but the stand out for me is Viola Davis, she was the emotion in the film, making me truly upset and happy all at once.


The film is may be a little longer than it should be for me, i feel this film could have been cut down to an hour 50 and still have the same impact however I won’t complain it is simply a little nitpick I have with the film. This is a film all about family and what we go through, i would say watch this film, i can see why it received a nomination and I agree.

The family in this film are portrayed amazingly by every actor, I won’t give away details but the characters were able to make me feel emotional and nostalgic at the same time in a way.


I would give this film a 4.65/5, it is a great film which can go take you through an emotional story, taking you on a great family piece, what did you think of the film? Please tweet, go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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