Hell or High Water Review!

Hell or High Water Review!

Time for another Oscar nominated film and I bring you my review of Hell or High Water. The oscars are later on tonight so I am going through the films nominated, and reviewing, expect La La Land because I reviewed that a few weeks ago.

Here is the trailer if you fancy watching it

I will start by saying, I love this film with a passion. I saw the film 3 times in cinemas and a few more times since it’s released on DVD, the film blends both side of crime perfectly yet making the film about family and the family choose and don’t choose.

This is a film ultimately about brothers, I myself have a brother and this made em question, what I would do and how far would I go to help my brother, no matter the cost. We see Chris Pine and Ben Foster play brothers who are committing some not so good crime, yet we flip and see Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham play brothers by law and partners in law, who chase after Chris and Ben.


This film has no main protagonist, while on the surface, we see Chris Pine as the protagonist, we see that Jeff Bridges can be just as easily the protagonist of the film with Chris Pine being the antagonist.

We go on an emotional story with these characters, there were a few times in the film I found myself with a smile of nostalgia or almost a tear of sorrowness, we go through a lot in this film and it is one of the very reasons I love this film.


The film is a modern day telling of a western film, with some similar story beats as a classic western would have, you will know what I mean if you have seen the film.

I will end up rewatching this film several more times in the coming months I have no doubt, please, please do yourself a huge favor and watch this film. I would give this a 4.8/5, it was my third film of last year, behind Civil War second and Rogue One first. Please tell me what you thought of Hell or High Water, tweet me, go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Hell or High Water Review!

  1. Hidden figures,Moonlight,Fences have you watched these 3 yet ? 2 of them I couldn’t get into 1 is the dark horse for the best picture I will let you work out which is which. As for this film couldn’t agree more made my top 5 of the year & really enjoyed it thought Chris Pine gives his best performance on film in his career in this only bettered by Ryan Gosling in La La Land who was outstanding.


  2. I’ve seen fences, going to watch hidden figures and moonlight now. I loved this film a great much, i think Ben Foster was amazing in this film, almost completely unrecognizable, i loved Ryan Gosling as well.


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