Moonlight Review!

Moonlight Review!

My final review for the Oscar nominated film. Here I bring you my review of the critical success Moonlight.

Here is the trailer if you fancy watching it.

The film has just finished as I type this review and I went into this film with some high expectations, a lot of people love this film and can’t stop raving about it, I thought the film was good, nothing truly amazing. The film is split into 3 pieces, the character as a child, as a teenager and an adult. The film was interesting to me when he was a child and a teenager but after that it lost me.

I enjoyed the first two acts as it kept me watching and while at times I honestly found myself looking at the time to see how long was left, I still got enjoyment out of it however as soon as we hit the third act, I seemed to lose interest.


The film is good and I can see why people enjoy it but what I fail to see is why is this getting all of the buzz it is receiving, I just don’t see it personally although every year has a film which I look at and am quite dumbfounded at.

I’ve seen the film once and won’t be watching it again anytime soon, I can discuss and talk about the good and bad points I have with the film, I would love to talk to someone who loves this film to compare opinions.


I think the film was good when it had something to say, the first and second act seemed to have something to say and portrayed a point and a dilemma, giving us a child and a young adult, showing us his struggles, then we got the third act which completely fell off for me personally. I would give this film a 3.75/5, I won’t lie to agree with the general opinion, the film is only as good as its 3 acts and the third act fell completely off the rails, I’m certainly not upset or annoyed that it has been nominated but I am confused how, but what do I know. Please tell me what you thought of the film, by tweeting me or going to my Facebook page or simply commenting below, thanks.

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