Manchester by the Sea Review!

Manchester by the Sea Review!

Well since the Oscars, are happening today, I have decided to review the oscar nominated films for this years category of Best Picture and why start with Manchester by the Sea? Simply, why not?

Here is the trailer!

This film had received a lot of amazing reviews and I couldn’t wait to watch it, well I have just finished watching the film and I have to say, if you want a film to punch you in the gut, then wait about 25 minutes and do it again, this is the film for you. The emotional story beats in this film are almost second to none I have seen this year.

Casey Affleck gives the performance of his career in this film, I won’t give away much because you need to go into this film knowing relatively little about the story or characters. What happened through out the whole film, made me think about past events what have happened in my life and reflect on them, we go on this journey with Lee played by Casey and it is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.


This is a film, I want to watch again, yet I am some what hesitant to because of the emotion and to experience that a second time maybe more emotional or less, I guess I’ll find out.

The film is around 2 hours and 20 minutes, I could have watched this film go for another hour and a half, but by then the emotional beats in the film may have overwhelmed me, so maybe the length is perfect already.


While I have just seen it, I can say I loved this film and while I feel it may not be the best film of the year, I can see why people such faith in casey to take home the oscar this year, he is a true stand out in the film. I would give this film a 4.7/5, the film had some minor problems, such as pace in a few scenes, they felt rushed maybe compared to the rest of the film but for the most part, how the story is told, how it is delivered to us through acting, directing, the lot is almost perfection. Tell me what you thought, tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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