Hacksaw Ridge Review!

Hacksaw Ridge Review!

I am here with another oscar nominated film and this time we discuss Mel Gibson’s new film starring Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge.

Here is the trailer if you wish to watch it

The film is set in WW2 around a man who defied all expectations, everything what was thrown at him. It is amazing to see a man like this lived and to see his story told out in such a beautifully bloody film, because this film does not hide away from any gore or action.

I need to give Mel Gibson some credit because he did what a lot of lesser directors would have done in this position and that is that, most other directors would tell this story and have our protagonist and his beliefs are right and the other opinion is wrong, however Mel gives us both sides and says well in fact they both serve a purpose and there is a need for both.

AG 2.jpg

Andrew Garfield gives a performance of a lifetime in this film and that is saying something because he is a great talent already so he is only going to get better, which is scary. I still feel he was robbed of a nomination for social network and a win for it.

I have only seen the film once but that is nothing about the quality of the film, because there will be more and more viewings of this film in the coming months, when it releases on Blu Ray, I will be buying it and watching it again.


I hope you all reading this go and watch this film because it truly does deserve to be watched  by as many people as possible. I would give this film a 4.7/5, it is an amazing war film yet it isn’t revolved around war, we are drawn into the story and the characters. While it has’t taken my top spot of war film (Saving Private Ryan) it is certainly up there and in the discussion for the 2nd spot. Please tell me what you thought of the film, by tweeting me or going to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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