Arrival Review!

Arrival Review!

Here we are with another oscar nominated film review and we are here to talk about the different take on an alien first encounter, Arrival.

Here is the trailer if you want to watch it

This review will be spoiler free, I will say there is a twist in this film and it sent me for a loop minutes before the natural reveal, that’s all I will say on that.

Arrival gives us a different and unique look at the first contact with Aliens, by using language and communicating together compared to just a war film. This is a film which requires a lot of attention since we hear a lot which we are expected to know, which may be a small problem with the film but for the most part this film is fine with that.


I think the film is a special sci fi gem and deserves to get a lot of praise and love, I have seen the film twice and the second viewing wasn’t as good for me personally, but when I left after the first viewing I was amazed, since first seeing the film my score has went down but not by a lot.

All around great performances in the film, some people called out for Amy Adams to be nominated for this, I can’t see why but I guess to each his own. The visual effects and sound design in the film were amazing second to almost none this year.


All around I really enjoyed Arrival, not as much the second time around however, still enjoyed it. The film will be getting a 4.5/5, that is a great score for a film which I feel deserves it, there are problems with the film however we are given a very unique and interesting look into sci fi, tell me what you thought of the film, by tweeting me or going to my Facebook page or simply commenting below, thanks.

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