Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident Evil 7 Review

I have just finished playing Resident Evil and I want to talk about the 7th installment in the RE franchise, is this game a return to form? Or another RE 6?

Here is the trailer

Resident Evil 7, a game which people thought we would never get. Most people like me has assumed that Resident Evil would simply get a reboot, taking it back to the horror genre and what we loved about the games long gone. Come Resident Evil 5 and & 6 the horror factor of the games were lost, we simply got an action game, while I enjoyed Resident Evil 5, as me and my brother have played that game through and through several times, I missed the horror and pure shock behind the horror keystone franchise.

I have been beyond hyped for this game since its reveal at E3 in 2016. The second that trailer was revealed to be a Resident Evil game, I was in. I watched that trailer on repeat, I then stayed away from all trailers and build up material for the game, simply wanting the release date of January 24th to hurry up. I then played the demo for the game and was sold on the game being a first person horror survival game but did the game live up to my hype and the experience of the demo?


Resident Evil 7, for me is a game which truly lives up to the hype and works as a horror game again, throughout the game there are small jumpscares but one point in particular towards the conclusion of the game, made me shit myself, I jumped, proceeded to pause the game, hold my hand over my heart and breathe for a minute.

We are promised a scary, creepy and thrilling game and it delivers. I was truly scared and creeped out at points in this game, the beginning of the game especially, I was taking my time turning corners. When playing it is obvious the game has taken inspiration from games of recent times such as Alien Isolation and Outlast. The first 2 hours of gameplay is a stand out, it made me honestly uncomfortable and scared. Constantly needing to pause the game for a second to breath and think then jumping straight back into it.


I beat the game in 6 and a half hours of gameplay, this was me being very cautious and crawling around a lot, peeking around corners, it worked though, I was able to conserve lots of ammo, never running low on ammo. I will be giving the game a replay in the days soon, probably twitch, so keep an eye out on my twitch account, I will be going to beat the game in less than 4 hours. I play video games rather quick, quicker than most. I believe the average player would beat this game in about 8 to 10 hours, I didn’t die once, however I did restart twice. The game is a perfect length for me, any longer and it could feel repetitive and any less and you will be left asking why you paid full price.


The game for the most part takes place in the Baker’s household, we move from the main house to the buildings surrounding, however we pick up a lockpick or a key which opens a door in another building, so we move around this estate a lot, becoming quite familiar with it. The estate becomes another character, to the point where, I was able to walk around the corridors without paying attention, however this would catch me off guard at points which is smart. The Baker household feels like a true successor to the Spencer Mansion.


We play Ethan, a man who is looking for his wife Mia, a woman who he thought had died years back, but then Ethan receives a video of Mia and this is enough to cause him to go looking for her.

Shortly after finding Mia, we see she isn’t the same anymore and we have a brief encounter with her, causing Ethan to lose a hand (I know right? Just get a divorce). We are then introduced to the baker family. Jack is the man of the family, very much our main antagonist, a constant pain in the arse. Then his wife Marguerite, this woman is the creepiest thing in this game, several times causing me to shiver or feel repulsed, their son Lucas, who is a maniac, probably the least intimidating of the bunch. Then the grandmother, that fucking grandmother. After meeting them all, you leave the room and return to only see this woman in a wheelchair, who barely looks alive, she is gone. Then suddenly she is in another room, then gone then another room then gone then BANG around the corner as you turn it. She was everywhere and I have not wanted to kill a character out of irritation more than since Sarah in the Walking Dead Season 2. Saying that, the story wraps very well by the end of the game but that is all the spoilers for this review.



I love this game and as I said earlier, this is a game I will be replaying, I can see this being a game, I attempt to become a perfectionist at. This game truly delivers on being a horror game and it never really felt very repetitive to me, the game rarely holds your hand either, making you the gamer to think. I would give this game a 4.4/5, it is truly a game which I can see being my favorite of 2017 (Injustice 2 though? We will need to wait). If you want a game, which has a horror feel about it and enjoy a 10 hour experience then buy this game.

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