Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 13 Review & Discussion

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 13 Review & Discussion

Another week and another episode of Star Wars Rebels. I have been really enjoying this season overall, yet it has seemed to ever so slightly, drop from last season, but that is probably just my fan boy coming out with everything what happened at the end of the last season. This episode was a Zeb centric episode and I’m here to give my highs and lows.

I enjoyed this episode, now while it did for me personally, drop in quality compared to the last duo episode, however it’s unfair to compare the two.

The episode revolved around Zeb on Chopper Base by himself with Chopper and the other droid who for the life of me, I can’t remember. He reminds me a lot of K2SO and HK-47 (Now that’s an old pull for Star Wars fans), just a side point.


I think what the episode did great was set up the rest of the season, particularly Thrawn, oh yes! The episode was predictable, to say the least, from start to end you know what will happen, I could have wrote down what is going to happen after watching 30 seconds of the episode, beat for beat. However, I did enjoy the new droid, the infiltrator of sorts. While I was the typical fanboy of saying, “where are they during the OT” but there comes a point I have to just think and think logically about it.

My predicition has been for a while now that out big friend, Zeb bites the dust. I mean we do need an explanation as to where these characters are in the OT, and I think Zeb will be the first to go, but that is another post for another time.

I, like most people predicted that Kallus would aid the Rebels, ever since the episode last season of Kallus and Zeb growing respect for each other, we see Zeb return to a “family” on the Ghost and we see Kallus return to the Empire, where they couldn’t have cared less had he died, his room was empty and bland yet Zeb’s was full of life.

I loved, loved, loved the end of the episode. We see Agent Kallus (who’s the new Fulkrum) and Thrawn stood talking about the fact that droids basically failed and Kallus feeling happy about the fact that the Rebels remain hidden, however we see the genius of Thrawn come through. Thrawn simply says, that he knows the droid was sent to a range of about 70 planets, he has been able to narrow the search from thousands upon thousands of planets. I got so happy watching this scene as a fan and all of this makes me more excited for the Thrawn book.

I would give this episode a 3/5, enjoyable and predictable. I feel this episode would be better watched in a bingeing of season, whereas I have to wait a week for the next chapter in the saga of the Ghost, tell me what you all thought of the episode, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or simply comment below, thanks.

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