Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 11 & 12 Review & Discussion

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 11 & 12 Review & Discussion

Since Walking Dead has finished until Febuary, I thought I should start reviewing another TV show and well Rebels is a show what I watch religiously, so yes I will only be reviewing the second half of the current season but I do have other TV show reviews I plan on doing soon.

This is the first episode of Rebels we have got since the release of Rogue One and there are more than a few references to the film. This is a great episode for a Star Wars junkie like me, there are references and hints here and there to fans like me, some more on the nose than others.

I thought this was a well executed episode and helped show us just where Saw Guerra is at this time mentally.  He seems more stable than he does in Rogue One and less robotic like, now I was wondering if during this episode we saw how he needed the breathing apparatus but non the less we didn’t see. Another thing, Forrest Whittaker returned to voice the character, that is pretty cool and helps give more of a feeling of coherence between all of the media of the new canon.


We got very, very clear hints to the Death Star and I enjoy how non of the characters knew what Click Clack was drawing, but us as the audience knew. I love the hint to the Tarkin novel, that there Geonosis, isn’t really populated anymore. They say this in the episode but I enjoy that because I had read the novel, that I knew what had happened. I also enjoyed that the Geonosians lived, with Click Clack and the queen egg, now this leads into the Vader comic where he meets a Queen Geonosian, so it does leave one to wonder, is this the same Queen? Or is there another?


I enjoyed seeing that Saw Guerra, we heard about in Rogue One, the extremist who doesn’t really have a moral barrier and will do whatever it takes. I started laughing when Sabine says the line “Stupid sand, it gets everywhere”. It was great to see Lucasfilm poking fun at themselves with that, acknowledging how much of a hated line it was and making light of it, I respect that and got a laugh out of it.

The episode isn’t without its flaws, I understand why the droids would be there and I somewhat enjoy them but I want to start moving away from the droids and more towards other prequel era stuff or characters, like maybe going to Coruscant or seeing CAD BANE! I still want to know why Sabine had drew a picture of Cad Bane, I mean why?! Why?! I also don’t enjoy how the crew of the Ghost seem to get away with everything no real problem, the imperials they were fighting were terrible, now I get it, it is technically a kids show but dammit if I want more in my Star Wars I want more, I can live with it. It just means when Thrawn comes around to kick their ass, he will do it in a big bad way.

I would give both of these episodes, although it is really one extended episode, the episode gets a 4/5, it was very enjoyable and I am very much looking forward to the next episode, its more of my fan expectation but I would have liked to have seen some more tie ins but that is just me being unrealistic. I will be doing one of these review & discussion posts for every Star Wars Rebels episodes. Tell me what you all thought, by tweeting me, going to my Facebook or simply commenting below, thanks.

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