La La Land Review

La La Land Review

La La Land is a film which resembles old school Hollywood, yet doesn’t feel dated. Giving us a glimpse into this musical and romantic world while not beating its viewers over the head. I have been wanting to watch this film for some time now and the wait was worth it.

La La Land is a beautiful film in all meanings of the word, from the cinematography, the music and the colors. The second film brought to us by Damien Chazelle, who broke out with the stand out film Whiplash and he is continuing his got streak with this film.

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The film centers around two characters Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who go on a magical and beautiful journey together, both wanting more than what they currently have in life, Mia is an aspiring actress and Sebastian is a man who loves Jazz and wants to open his own Jazz club. We go on this magical story with them, as they go through their ups and downs but we always feel a sense of happiness and enlightenment. This is very much a feel good film and sometimes that’s what we need, a good musical, romantic film.


I am not a big fan of musicals or romantic films, they tend to fall into the same cliches and don’t seem very interesting and while La La Land isn’t devoid of these cliches, the film is done so well that we barely even catch onto the cliches and just go through the journey with the two characters.

This film will undoubtedly become a Hollywood classic and I can only agree that it deserves to have that spot. While I found myself predicting the story beats before they happened, I still loved going through this journey.

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I have to talk about the music in this film. Damian Chazelle must be a music enthusiastic because this is his second film and they have both revolved around music. The soundtrack of this film is beautiful and works with the film without taking away from any scene, we aren’t distracted by the music. We are simply watching the film in awe, I have downloaded the soundtrack and I am currently listening to music as I type this. The stand out song is “City of stars” I do believe this will win the best original song in the Oscars and it deserves it.

The film has been giving a lot of praise and I add to that praise, the film is due a release on Thursday the 12th of January and I can not wait to rewatch the film, the more I think about the film the more and more I fall in love with it.

I would give this film a 4.5/5, its an amazing film, truly a standout and a film for the ages, I hope everyone see this film because it just makes you feel good. While the film was predictable at times and played into the cliches of its genre, it never took me out of the film. Tell me are you looking forward to the film? If you have seen it what did you think? Tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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