Star Wars Rogue One Spoiler Discussion!!

Star Wars Rogue One Spoiler Discussion!!

This is going to be my very spoiler filled discussion of Star Wars Rogue One and so if you want to watch Rogue One without be spoiled then go read my spoiler free review of the film. I will be going deep into spoilers and talk about everything. So stick with me as we go to a galaxy far far away.

Here is the trailer.

I said this the second I left the theater, I have never felt so satisfied as a fan in all of my life, there was so much that I caught on my first and more on my second viewing of the film. This is a film for Star Wars fans and especially fans of the new Star Wars cannon, I have read quite a few of the comics, read 2 novels and I am currently listening to the audio book of Catalyst as well as watching Rebels. So with all of this I am picking up a lot of easter eggs.

Rogue One, started with a cold opening, straight into the action of the film, now while I did get over it, it did take me a second to adjust to it. I knew going in there was no opening crawl but I got over it after 2 seconds.

I love the film, there is no two ways around it, this is without a doubt in contention to be in my top 3 favorite Star Wars films, it will be fighting for second or third place though, Empire is yet to be topped and I doubt it will be.


The character journey’s throughout the film is great, almost everyone has their own story arc. Jyn Erso ends up becoming the driving force for getting the plans and helping the Rebellion and the galaxy compared to the beginning of the film where she didn’t care about it and happily would live her life ignoring everything. Captain Cassian Andor went from a man who would do what it takes to do the job to a man who sees the humanity in people and ultimately goes against the Rebellion to help them. Bodhi Rook is a man who is an imperial pilot defect and he becomes an integral part of the story. Baze Malbus goes from a man who laughs off the force while acknowledging it and becomes a man who embraces it. Finally we get Chirrut Imwe doesn’t really have much of a story arc, he is a badass and one of the stand out characters of the film but he still has the same beliefs by the end of the film as he does at the beginning.


Here seems like as good of a place to talk about the villains of the film. Firstly I will talk about Tarkin, I felt like Tarkin was used to great effect in this film. He was used perfectly and his character didn’t out of place. I did get the uncanny feeling of a bit too much CG used on his face, it glared at me a bit because he was on screen for too long, I would have been perfectly fine just recasting a younger Tarkin, I mean they have recast Han Solo, so why not Tarkin but other than that he was used perfectly and felt like he served the film greatly. I love how he apologized to Director Krennic and a few seconds later says he will take control of the Death Star, stealing it right from underneath Krennic’s nose.


Now lets talk about Director Orson Krennic. I loved this character, the way how he carried himself but was deep down insecure and wanted recognition for his achievements from the Emperor so badly, he wants to be like Tarkin but can’t be. He is a constant foil our group of Rebels, Ben Mendelsohn is perfect for this role. Krennic will go from just talking to his men to yelling at them as though they are like children he is being forced to tell what to do.


But finally, the man himself was in the film, probably my all time favorite film character, Darth Vader, the man, the myth, the legend. He is in the film for a total of 2 scenes and maybe has 7 minutes at a push for screen time but he kills it. I was watching the film and never in my life have I ever felt so happy as a fan, I had a huge smile from cheek to cheek when he first appears on screen. I mean first off we got Vader’s castle which is just perfect but then he just chokes Krennic. Come on though lets talk about that scene, you know the one. When I first watched that scene I was squeeling in the cinema, I was close to tearing up, if I have ever had a fangasm, it was at that moment. We see Darth Vader kicking arse like it is no one’s business. He is killing rebels, actually slaughtering them would be the better description. That minute and a half of scene was like a horror film, he just appears at the end of the corridor and then his lightsaber ignites and he go to town. The film is worth the admission just for this scene. I did hear an interesting point, Colin Moriarty over at Kinda Funny did say he thought the film would have been better served by having only the second scene from Vader, having him turn up and kick arse would have been enough and while I honestly do love the first scene of Vader, I would have loved to been in the cinema for the first time and hear that breathing followed by that scene. It would have been crazy hearing Vader’s name throughout the film then bang he kills everyone in that scene.


The film has a great third act, everything felt fully earned, the action and how we got two battles happening simultaneously with space and group assault but there was 3 stories happening on the ground with our characters. I love the fact that everyone dies, this gives us a great look into how devastating this war actually is. First K2SO dies, he sacrifices himself to bide time for Cassian and Jyn, in a highly emotional scene. Next up is Chirrut Imwe, he dies saving the crew by getting the master switch turned on then comes the death of Bodhi Rook, he dies after communicating the rebels to tell them what they must do to collect the Death Star plans. Now we see the death of Baze Malbus, he dies getting revenge for the death of Chirrut, he wipes out the death troopers. Finally the double deaths of Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, they die together as the main base on Scarif is blown up by the Death Star, they both die along with Director Orson Krennic.

What this film does great is give more context to the rebellion and the empire, while reading the books and watching Rebels also gives context but in this film we see just how close the rebellion were to breaking up and completely disbanding, if it wasn’t for this victory then they very well may have been no rebellion. We also get the answer to why the hell there is a small exhaust port in the Death Star. It was placed there by Galen Erso, he made it so insignificant that no one would notice but its much more significant than anyone can know.

There are so many hints and easter eggs throughout the film and I will have a post about that in the coming future, for now here is a few.

We see Cornelius Evazan, now 99% of you reading probably won’t have a clue who that is but here is a picture of the man.


We get a bit of fan services seeing him again, starting trouble again. I mean he never learns … until Obi Wan cuts his friend’s arm off.

We get to hear the name Syndulla, now that is a big name drop to anyone reading the novels or watching Rebels. This could either be Cham Syndulla or Hera Syndulla, this means that either if not both of these characters will live until when Rogue One takes place, Which is 2 years after the timeline Rebels is on. We also apparently see Chopper but I haven’t spotted him yet, I’ll be keeping an eye out for him when I watch it for a 3rd time again tomorrow.

Finally I will talk about the obvious reference to Obi Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia. Just as the crew are about to travel to Scarif to steal the Death Star plans, Mon Mothma and Bail Organa have a conversation. Mon Mothma asks Bail if they should maybe get his friend the Jedi and he says that he served him well in the Clone Wars and will send someone who he trusts with his life to get him. So there is he saying that he will send Leia to get Obi Wan.

I will have a post containing a lot of the easter eggs hidden through out this film. But please tell me what you thought of the film. I gave this film a 4.75/5. Did you enjoy it? You can tell me through Twitter, Facebook or simply commenting below, thanks.

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