Star Wars Rogue One Non Spoiler Review!!

Star Wars Rogue One Non Spoiler Review!!

Well another year and another Star Wars film. Please may I get this for the rest of my life? Star Wars Rogue One is the 8th installment in the Star Wars saga, bridging the gap between the prequels and the original trilogy, bringing together Episode III and Episode IV.Stick with me as we go on a journey to a galaxy far far away.

Here is the trailer!

I have currently seen the film 2 times, it’s only been out for a day in UK and believe me there will be many a more visit to the cinemas for Rogue One.

This film is a perfect amalgamation of the Star Wars we know while also adding another layer what we haven’t seen yet in the Star Wars universe, a war film. The film is very relentless and non stop, yet it never becomes overwhelming or convoluted. With cinematographers who worked on such films as Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down and Zero Dark Thirty, this film truly delivers on the promise of a war film. We are drawn into the action and feel as though we are there. I am almost hearkened back to the beach scene in Saving Private Ryan, while not as gruesome, its intensity and constant feel of terror is present.


The film centers around a group of scrappy rebels who must steal the plans to the Death Star, this is where the film works amongst other aspects. Episode IV A New Hope starts with Leia in possession of the plans, this film shows us just how much the rebels had to go through to get these plans. Unlike other Star Wars films, there isn’t any Jedi in this film, only one character who has such power and that is Lord Vader.


Every actor brings their own flavor the character they play. Felicity Jones portrays the character of Jyn Erso with such vulnerability while also coming across as a badass, a reluctant hero but a hero non the less. Diego Luna plays Cassian Andor, an anti hero of sorts who will do what it takes, he comes across like a Han Solo character if Han has been fighting for the rebellion for years before A New Hope. Alan Tudyk plays another droid to add to the collection in this universe, he plays K2SO, a droid with much more of an attitude than one of C3PO. Riz Ahmed, plays the character of Bodhi Rook, a character type we haven’t really seen much of in the Star Wars films, bring such a different view of good and bad and what it means to be a good guy. Donnie Yen is just a badass as the character Chirrut Imwe, there really isn’t much I can’t say about the man, he brings a good bit of comedy to the role and finally Wen Jiang plays Baze Malbus, a friend of Chirrut Imwe who is great with a gun and can hold his own with his fists.


The scope of the film is incredible, Gareth Edwards the director, has decided along with the good folks at ILM to show off once again. Putting everyone else to shame with what can be accomplished with CG. On screen we get a perfect mix of practical and special effects, making the worlds and characters we are seeing realistic yet still have that flare what Star Wars contains.


The film is a big deal for several reasons, one of which is that this is the first Star Wars live action film not to be scored by the great John Williams. The composer for this film was Michael Giacchino, the man who is very much being set to be the next John Williams, he has done such scores as the Star Trek reboots, Doctor Strange, Incredibles, Up and my personal favorite of his Jurassic World, although Rogue One may take that spot.


Of course this film is a big deal because it is the first non “saga” Star Wars film, this takes place outside of the Skywalker Lineage, we are shown all new characters, all of who are new character types for the Star Wars films. This is the first in the line of non saga Star Wars films, the next being about a young Han Solo directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

This is all for my spoiler free review of the film, I will have a spoiler filled post coming up soon, where I will delve into a lot of the film. I would give this film a 4.75/5. It brings so much together yet never really strays away from the plot of the film, drawing you in and inviting you to go on the journey with us. Please tell me what you all thought of the film, whether that’s through Twitter, Facebook or simply commenting below, thanks.

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