Speculation on connections between Rogue One and The rest of the Star Wars Universe!!!

Speculation on connections between Rogue One and The rest of the Star Wars Universe!!!

As I type this I am just over 24 hours from seeing Rogue One, on it’s midnight release. I have some speculation on some connections between the two films and how it may make Star Wars junkies (like me) happy.

Before I get into the post. All of this is all speculation and only minor details may have been confirmed as of yet so read at your own risk but this is speculation. Taking what I know about the Star Wars universe and using it my advantage. I will give fair warning is the question posed has spoilers or is speculation.

Director Krennic and A New Hope?

Right so Director Krennic is the antagonist for our band of Rebels in Rogue One. He is an interesting character and I am currently listening to the audio book of Catalyst which goes into more detail on this character. This character wants to be second hand to the Emperor, a position held for Vader but also Grand Moff Tarkin. Krennic is desperately wanting to be like Tarkin and this puts him at odds with some characters.

I believe that by the end of Rogue One, quite a few of the characters who are introduced into the film are going to die. I believe that Director Krennic will be one of these characters, for a simple reason. Why isn’t he around during the attack on Yavin? Where was he during the Battle of Endor? More interesting, where was he during the meeting in A New Hope? This scene below.

You may be wondering why is this scene important? Well let me explain. This is a big part of the Empire, talking about the senate being disbanded and talking about the Death Star. My point here is that there is about 3 empty seats around this table. Now you could be saying, what does this have to do with anything? Well Pablo Hidalgo, tweeted for us to keep an eye out for this scene. Now my guess is that Director Krennic was supposed to be in this scene but a certain Darth Vader has cut him down, or choked him, either way he is dead. This is also interesting to me because Vader then starts to choke another Imperial officer and Tarkin tells him to stop it, Vader without question or hesitation lets him go. For those of you who may not know, Vader must listen to Tarkin, I am going to assume that within days of this scene Vader has killed Director Krennic and to put it lightly Vader isn’t allowed to kill anymore Imperials, until Empire Strikes Back when Tarkin is gone.


Now some more interesting speculation is that maybe at one of these seats is meant to be Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is currently on the show Star Wars Rebels, maybe he has died by this point or like in the old cannon books, he is far away in the Outer rim working for the Empire during the Original Trilogy.


Ghost in Rogue One?

Some more speculation comes from a TV spot for Rogue One, now while I have stayed away from any TV spots for Rogue One, this image came to my attention and I want to talk about it. Maybe considered Minor Spoilers, but I don’t really see how this is a spoiler. Just a warning.


Now you may look at this and think, whats so important. Well for a Star Wars Junkie who watches everything and is trying to read everything. There is a particular ship here which should look familiar to cannon obsessed Star Wars fans, that ship is the Ghost.


Here is a close up of Ghost. This is the ship that the team use on Star Wars Rebels. On the show, we have some crew who may very well be dead by the time the film takes place. Star Wars Rebels is currently 2 years before Rogue One. So showing us any characters may very well tell us who lives in the show. I personally feel that we will hear the voice of Captain Hera Syndulla, maybe saying something as simple as “Phoenix Squadron out”.

The First Test?

*Possible Spoilers ahead*

Another interesting point to possibly talk about is that in A New Hope, they talk about how Alderaan will be the first real test for the Death Star. To test the might of the Death Star they attempt to blow the planet up but what if this wasn’t the first test of the might of the Death Star.


What if this is the first test of how powerful the Death Star is? This looks to be the planet Jedha in Rogue One and in order to test just how much the Death Star can do they destroy a very important planet.

What powers the Death Star?

*Possible Spoilers ahead*

Here is something what is very interesting to talk about and that is what powers the Death Star? Well we now know what it is that powers the Death Star. We know what powers the death star is Kyber Crystal, now for casual fans, you probably won’t know that name but to fans who follow Star Wars we know. We have already seen a Kyber Crystal in Rogue One thanks to Jyn and her mother.


A Kyber Crystal is to put it lightly what powers the Lightsaber, really. Now I do believe this will tie into my previous question about the Death Star and my next question for why Jedha is important?

Why is Jedha important?

I believe that Jedha is the home to a rather large Kyber Crystal which shall be used to power the Death Star. I believe this because, Jedha is a world of worship for those who believe in the Force. Now I believe that the image below, show us a kyber crystal or part of a kyber crystal being escorted.


This may be why they destroy Jedha (if it is Jedha getting blown up). They take what they need from it and attempt to blow the planet up, as a major weapons test.

Who is Saw Gerrera?

Saw Gerrera is a Rebel Extremist and Rogue One won’t be the first time Star Wars fans will have seen him. Saw appeared in a 4 episode arc in Star Wars Clone Wars, he trained along side Obi Wan, Ahsoka and Anakin. I don’t think Saw will be in the film very long, as a matter of fact. Speculation time, I think we will see him die in this film. I believe he will be on the planet what is used as a major weapons test for the Death Star.


These are just some of the points I want to talk about pre viewing of Rogue One, I hope you enjoyed the post. Please tweet me, go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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