Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8 Review & Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8 Review & Discussion

We’re finally at the mid season finale for the Walking Dead, it has been an interesting ride so far this season and this episode continues that, enough teasing you. Lets get into the review and the discussion of the mid season finale of the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead this season has been very much the same as past season, with some good episodes, some boring and bad episodes and 2 great episodes. This for me is one of them great episodes, this episode was non stop and a constant attack.

The episode is split and shows us what is happening with different characters, we see Carol and Morgan again, which I couldn’t really care less about. We see some story with Michonne, which didn’t interest me all too much but the other story lines were much more interesting to me.

There will be spoilers contained in this spoiler and discussion post.

We finally see Rick come back from the breaking point, he was broken from episode 1 to episode 8. We are finally getting the Rick what we want back. The reason I have been able to stick through this season has been Negan and he was on point this episode, he was able to kill it. Let’s get to what we want to talk about, the last act.

Right so Negan did what I have wanted someone to do for some time now, he killed Spencer. Finally and they did it pitch perfect. Honestly just look at this.


Then Rosita tried to kill Negan with a single bullet and she hit Lucille. That really really did anger Negan, thus forcing him to take Eugene. We get another mini face off between Rick and Negan, while Rick at this point hasn’t been convinced to kill Negan, after this scene and a good scene between him and Michonne, Rick has finally came back to us.


We end this mid season finale with most of the crew getting back together, its time for them to go against Negan and they don’t seem to look like they can be stopped. We see Daryl has finally escaped from Negan and we have been on this journey with him so when he escapes, we feel happy and a sigh of relief for him.


I will have another post going into detail for my predictions on the rest of the season. I would give this episode a solid 4.25/5. It felt like a good pay off for what has happened this season. Who was that guy spying on them? What will happen with Eugene? Tell me what you thought of the episode, tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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