Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 Review & Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 Review & Discussion

I am a few days late with this review and discussion but better late than ever. This episode revolved around Negan and Carl, so saying that lets get on with it.

The Walking Dead for me this season has been a highlight simply for Negan, if it wasn’t for his breathe of fresh air this season, I may very well have contemplated leaving the show, will I have? No but it would have been thought.

This episode was very much like its comic counterpart. I really enjoyed this episode, again mainly because of Negan and the performance Jeffery Dean Morgan brings to this character. I love watching him on screen. Chandler Riggs is getting better also, I enjoyed some of his scenes in the episode, others not to much.

The scene where Negan made Carl cry was great, I loved both actors, Chandler bringing this sensativity to Carl and Jeffery Dean Morgan bringing this 180 change to Negan, going from busting Carl’s balls to apologizing. However I did not enjoy the scene where Carl attempted to threaten Negan saying “jump out of the window” because it seemed like he was trying to be too hard, maybe this was intent but it didn’t feel like it.

I feel the episode could have benefited to having maybe a little more Rick in the episode, we are barely getting anything with Rick, I want to know more about what is going through out protagonist’s mind.

I am interested in where the show will go for the next episode. My guess would be that Rick returns, Spencer starts talking shit about Rick and Negan and Negan guts Spencer. That’s an educated guess. I would give this episode a 3/5. This is because of Negan and Carl bust mostly Negan. Jeffery Dean Morgan is killing it and as long as he is, I will keep coming back. Tell me what you thought of the episode by tweeting, going to my Facebook page or simply commenting below, thanks.

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