Sully Review

Sully Review

Sully has just been released in the UK and I am here to give my review. Sully is the new film by Clint Eastwood starring Tom Hanks.

Here is the trailer for the film.

Clint Eastwood is making his legacy in Hollywood stronger and this film adds to that. Sully is a film which on paper shouldn’t really work, its a film based on an event what spanned about 3 and a half minutes, yet the team behind and in front of the camera brought their A game and it showed. They made a great narrative around the event, what was the aftermath for the two pilots involved? We see what happened after Sully was being called Hero of the Hudson.

Look there isn’t much I can say about Tom Hanks what hasn’t already been said, this is another performance of his which I will look back on and talk about for years to come. He isn’t the only actor in this who kills the role, Aaron Eckhart also delivers a great performance, just days after I saw him in Bleed for this, its been a good week for him over here in the UK.

The film is great at making us sit on the edge of out seats and keeping us interested the whole time its on screen. It’s crazy what happened that day and we see the event from a few different angles and different people involved. Throughout the film we see the event happen but either in small segments or through the eyes of different people.

I would give this film a 4.3/5, just about everything in this film was top notch and while the way the event was portayed throughout the film was great, it did take me out of the film for a few seconds but I was straight back in once it was done. Tell me what you think about the film? Are you looking forward to it? Tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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