The Last of us Part Two Announced & Trailer!!!


Now while I haven’t done any video game posts before, that is going to change. This blog has evolved from more than just films, it has became an outlet for me to talk about television, my own original pieces like the Why?! series but now also video games. I love the Last of us so much and have wanted a sequel for 3 years now and we finally have it announced with a trailer. Watch the trailer below.

Well, I mean just watch it. I felt myself almost getting chocked up and I couldn’t stop smiling. This has just instantly jumped to my top 3 most anticipated games.

I love the Last of us, its probably for me the best game ever made and guess what? I haven’t played. I have seen about 10 playthroughs of the game and I love it, I’ll be getting the remastered soon and you best believe I am getting this the moment it is out.

I am so happy to see Ellie all grown up and Joel still being the same old Joel. Are you excited for the game? Tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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