Bleed for this Review

Bleed for this Review

Well last night I went to my local cinemas to watch the new Miles Teller film, Bleed for this based on an incredible man and something what changed his life for ever and I am here to give my review on the film.

I guess I will have spoilers for a true story, here is trailer if you wish to watch it.

Bleed for this is a boxing film based around Vinny Pazienza, a man who defied everything and got past everything to achieve his goals. Vinny is in a car crash and must overcome adversary, doctors tell him he may never walk again and after a heartfelt and hard journey Vinny goes on to the win another title.

This film is very much life assuring and up lifting while questioning the audience if we feel we could do that which we Vinny doing in front of our eyes. Vinny is played to perfection by Miles Teller, who has been an actor who I have been liking for a while now and is slowly climbing up the ranks as one of my favorites today, with a supporting actor alongside him, Aaron Eckhart is his trainer and the chemistry between both Teller and Eckhart is radiating off the screen.


The boxing scenes are filled brilliantly but they feel almost insignificant because we are more interested in the character of Vinny and while we want/know he wins, I almost felt like I could have watched more of the film of just Vinny training or being with his family.

A good little fun fact, in the film they show he has had the halo on his head for a few weeks before he starts to work out, I believe the real Vinny waited several days at most to start working out again to go fight. I feel like the film could have improved how they showed the time lapse, maybe how long, they leave it more to assumption and exposition.  I mean you watch the story of this man and you feel inspired to not let anyone tell you can’t do something. This film tells the story what we all wish we could more, when we are told by everyone we can’t, we go on to do it.


If you have the money I recommend going to watch this when it is in a cinemas near you, it is worth the money and I think you will come out with feeling better. I personally could have sat through this film if it had been 3 hours long, I am fascinated by this story and want to know more. I already knew some of the story going in but this is one of them stories than everyone needs to know and needs to see and what better way than this film. I give this film a 4.3/5. This film will be one of the films I look back on for 2016 in fondness, it will be one of my favorites of the year and it is one of the best I have seen of the year, so please go watch this and tell me what you thought. You can do that easily by tweeting me, going to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

Tomorrow I will have another review up, the film will be The Accountant starring Ben Affleck.


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