My top 15 current WWE Male Wrestlers

I am going to start doing these lists for films and TV shows and I decided why not start with one of the hardest one I could do. I am starting with my top 15 WWE Male Wrestlers. I have made this list of my favorite and it all depends on ring ability, promo performance and overall character. Keep in mind this is my favorite, this list is not necessarily about the best right now.

I will have a short paragraph talking about why they are there for me. So saying that let’s get started.

15: The Miz


I have never really been much of a fan of The Miz, I have always found him quite boring and the coward heel but I like everyone looked at The Miz differently after that promo on Talking Smack, he cut a promo what almost felt like a shoot on Daniel Bryan and it helped get him over as this arrogant but still quite cowardly heel. He is now the Intercontinental champion, lets just forget that Dolph Ziggler took the title of him for a few weeks. It’s great that he uses his wife Maurice to win the matches, it works so well for his character and I enjoy watching him, it has been a few months since he got me and a lot of people over with the promo, I will have a link to the promo just below this paragraph. As far as his in ring ability, he is good, he doesn’t get injured because he doesn’t do any high flying and he doesn’t have a dangerous move set.

14: Big E


I am a big fan of The New Day and in no short part that is due to Big E formerly Big E Langston. I have been a fan of The New Day for about a year now and I am still going strong with them, are they going downhill a little? Yeah but I don’t care. I love any promos Big E does in no short part to the faces he pulls, he has me laughing. “Clap for your world famous two time champs, and feel the power. It’s a New Day yes it is.” In terms of in ring ability, Big E can go with the best of them, he is able to carry his weight which is something to be said, he is a big guy and you wouldn’t know it by how he wrestles. He is the muscle of the New Day and I love him for it. I recommend going and watching some New Day funny moments and watching Big E throughout the video.

13: Bobby Roode


Now this might be a name that you don’t know if you only watch Raw and Smackdown, he is on NXT. Now before you think who is this kid he is talking about? Well Bobby Roode is actually a veteran of the business, after fighting all over the world in different Wrestling promotions. He came to NXT and he is something special, now is his character something we haven’t seen before? No but he plays the heel so great, I will have a link to two of his entrances so far to NXT Takeover, they are both glorious, you’ll get what I mean if you watch them. He is great in the ring and there is no doubt about that in the slightest. I think he is a great wrestler to introduce new fans to wrestling to.

12: Johnny Gargano


Who? Well here is another wrestler from NXT. Half of the team and newly crowned NXT Tag Team Champions DIY. He is a great in ring talent and him and his partner Tommaso Ciampa are a great pair and while they will eventually break up I hope it isn’t for a long time. Gargano knows exactly what he is doing in the ring after wrestling on the indie scene for a while he is no stranger to the pressure of being in the ring.

11: Tommaso Ciampa


Speaking of Jonny Gargano and DIY, lets talk about the other half of DIY, Tommaso Ciampa is my personal favorite of the two, but the gap between the two are so close, they both are a great talent but I personally prefer Ciampa. Being the bigger man of the two, I love watching him in ring and how he works, how he seems to demolish everyone with ease yet never making it look like a squash match. Ciampa is also no stranger to the squared circle and I hope he will be around for some time. Spoiler alert, Tommaso Ciampa isn’t going to be the last wrestler of NXT on this list.

10: Sami Zayn


Well, people may disagree with me on this and I certainly know my friend doesn’t agree with this but I love Sami Zayn, so that should go to show you how much I love the people at the top of my list. Sami is a great in ring talent and pretty much second to none but I personally don’t find myself glued to the screen watching him like I do other wrestlers. While his character isn’t exactly original, he has made it his own the only problem is right now he isn’t being given the opportunities that he should be given. That isn’t why he is 10th though, I just don’t find myself looking forward to watching him on screen but don’t think I am knocking Sami he has one of the best matches of the year with Sami vs Kevin at battleground but maybe another with Sami vs Shinsuke at NXT Takeover. He is a huge talent and I am happy watching him grow, I just hope he gets a title, maybe the US title or the Intercontinental title.

9: Roman Reigns


Okay. Okay. Okay. Calm down, if you have been watching WWE for any length of time you will know or should I see hear how the WWE fans react to Roman, he isn’t exactly the most liked wrestler, which is going too far, people are now booing him because other people are. He is good in the ring, he has a good move set and I enjoy watching him, does he get pushed? Yes but it’s not his fault, Stone Cold Steve Austin talks about how he got pushed and what could he have said? No thank you I don’t want a push. Of course he wanted a push, its just the fans felt like Roman was being forced down our throats and for a little while we were. I enjoy watching Roman and don’t forget this is my list of my favorite male wrestlers and if you don’t like my list well I’m not going to apologize for having an opinion.

8: Cesaro


We come to possibly the pound for pound strongest man in WWE right now, what this man can do defies everything. Look at him and look at what he can do, he has a great move set after wrestling in the indies for a while, he knows what he is doing in the ring and I thank him for it. I always look forward to watching Cesaro wrestle and you can see why if you watch the clip I have linked. Watch the two videos I have linked below.

7: Kevin Owens


Put your hands together for the longest running WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens isn’t the typical WWE wrestler, he had to put everything he had into getting into the company and it has paid off very very well for him. He is one of the best runs of his career right now, he is being made look a little weak and while I do have problems with that there is no doubt what an in ring talent he is, he can go toe to toe with the best of them promo wise also. Like I mentioned in the Sami Zayn portion, he has had one of the best matches of the year. Just watch him and you will see what I mean.

6: Samoa Joe


Another man who isn’t the typical WWE wrestler and he is on NXT, your current 2 time NXT Champion, he is killing it in NXT and is a man who has been in the business for years, wrestling some of the best in the world right now in different wrestling promotions like TNA but every time he is on screen he is a true pleasure to watch, promo or in ring, he has me laughing and he seems like a legitimate beast who takes a lot to go down for the 3 count. Treat yourself and watch the videos on Samoa Joe.


5: Chris Jericho


Now if you haven’t heard of Chris Jericho, you really haven’t watched WWE in the last 16 years. He is veteran of the business but right now is the best run he has ever had in his career. He is at the height of his powers, its a joke how much he get the fans to love stupid things. He has got a piece of paper over with the fans what is now called the list of Jericho, he has catchphrases like “Drink it in maaaaaaan” or “Stupid idiot” and my personal favorite “You just made the list!” I will have some links to compliations of his and he is one of the factors why I watch Raw week in and week out now, he without fail makes me laugh. Please watch some of these below.


4: Shinsuke Nakamura


Now I can’t blame you if you don’t know who Shinsuke Nakamura is. He has only been in NXT for less than a year but don’t mistake that for him being a rookie, no. He is a man who has seeming done it all and he can’t be beaten, just recently suffering his first lost in NXT, he is still a beast and no one can argue that, the man is a force to be reckoned with and he is only getting better and more popular. Believe me if you don’t know the name yet you will soon enough, watch the clip I have for you here. It may not be all NXT, but he has used these moves there.


3: AJ Styles


This man needs no introduction, I would argue with anyone, this man is the best wrestler in the world right now. He can do anything and he has proven, being a veteran by the definition of the business, literally wrestling all over the world, no one thought he could actually come to WWE and here hs is. He made his debut in the 2016 Royal Rumble, watch the video below and hear the pop he gets when people see who had made their debut. I love AJ and will forever love AJ. He can anything and the worst part is he is only learning more and getting better, helping cement his legacy. Just watch the videos below and you’ll see why he is the best.

Yes some of these moves were not performed in a WWE ring but who cares just watch him.

2: Finn Balor


I mean this man is killing it in WWE, while he is away with an injury right now. He came to NXT and killed it there and became the face of NXT and now he has moved to Raw, beating men like Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Rusev in one night and on his first night no less to face Seth Rollins at Summerslam then beating him to become the first ever WWE Universal Champion. His move set is perfect and his finisher the coup de grace is pure perfection. His character is an arrogant face of sorts, respectful as long as you show him respect otherwise you get the demon and you won’t like that. I mean hoes does he land the Coup De Grace without killing someone?

1: James Elsworth

Because why wouldn’t it be? I mean look at him the man has beaten AJ Styles 3 times. No go a little further down and see who it really is.


1: Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins, I mean anyone who knows me and knows I like wrestling should know how much I love SETH FREAKING ROLLINS! He is like my top man crush. He is perfect in the ring, no faults. He is perfect at getting the crowd to love him or hate him, before he got injured in the ring he was a heel and everyone hated him but in his absence there was part of the show lost and we had to admit ourselves that we need Seth, I hated him before which I guess means he did a great job at being a heel but now he is a face, I am truly in love with the man. As I am typing this I have a seth rollins shirt on and listening to his theme and up next to me is a Seth Rollins Pop Figure, obsessed bit? Yeah, do I care? No . He kills it every time he steps in the squared circle and he will be around for much, much longer. Watch the video below and you can see why he is my number 1.

Tell me what you thought of my list, do you agree? Do you disagree? We can talk about it. Tell me who your favorites are. Tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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