Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Review & Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Review & Discussion

Were now 6 episodes into the seventh season of the Walking Dead and this was the episode what I was waiting for…

Now for those of you who don’t know, I have a non spoiler review then I move onto the spoiler heavy segment of the post. These review’s are fairly short.

I have been waiting for this episode and not in a good way. I have become accustom to how the Walking Dead works, every season we get episodes what are good, episodes what are great and some that are not so much, this was one of them episodes. Now while the story of this episode will affect the future of the story going forward, this episode as a standalone, was below the average of what we have come to expect from this season.

I feel almost everything was below average in this episode, the cinematography didn’t draw me in at all, ¬†nothing could really hold my interest in this episode, the only part of the episode what I cared about was Heath, everyone else in the episode quite frankly bored me. Like I have said this episode will have future implications but I don’t want to use that an excuse to save this episode, simply because it is setting up a future episode does not mean that this episode can not meet or exceed the bar set for this season.

Now onto the more spoiler heavy portion of the review and discussion.

Right so we got a new community or group what is made up of only women, the second we found out that all of their men were dead is was fairly obvious who was to blame. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy Tara but she wouldn’t even be in the top 10 characters who I care about if they died, I don’t find much compelling about her. This episode often lost my interest and I can’t allow the excuse “It’s a set up for a future episode”. I’m sorry but if this your excuse we need more. Now was the episode bad? I would say yes, was it horrendous? No, it had some what redeeming qualities, no matter how few of them there are. Heath is a character, who I enjoy and he is someone who I think could do so much more than he is given in the show, I admit I am interested in where the story is going but it doesn’t excuse what felt like a lack of effort for the episode.

I want to know what happened to Heath of course but I felt a small cop out not finding out what happened to him this episode, look I get it, this is a network television show, so there are some TV rules they seem to adhere to but I want to know, so I guess in that regard they did the job required.

It may look like I am mocking the episode and am I? Yes because I just want the show to be top class but every season is like this and I always expect something different yet I keep watching because the episodes what are great are great.

Well I give this episode an astounding 1.8 out 5, I only enjoyed the episode very slightly and is ultimately a forgettable episode which for now hasn’t impacted anything. I look forward to every Walking Dead episode but this just goes to prove why some episodes are quite forgettable and why I come to expect this every season of the show. Tell me what you thought of the episode, tweet me or go to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

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