Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Review

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Review

Another installment in the Potter Universe has came out and it’s time to for me to give my feelings on the film.

Well were to start. Oh I know, I’ll set by saying that I am not the biggest the fan of Harry Potter films at all, I enjoy some and some I won’t be watching again, so with that being said I won’t be holding back in my review. Every review I make is my opinion and with that being said lets get into it.

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them is a mouth full of a title for a film what over stretches and overstays its welcome. The film doesn’t deliver on the promise of returning to the Potter Universe, it doesn’t have that same feeling of awe and no pun intended but the feeling of the film had no magic to it like the Potter films did. The film is a very by the books film, the plot is interchangeable with many other films and the characters are completely unoriginal, none of them are 3D characters, they are very basic and raw for characters. Academy award winner Eddie Redmayne is given no real material to work with and his character rivals that of the villain of Jupiter Ascending. The character of Newt Scamander only has one real drive and that is these fantastic beasts (which aren’t all that fantastic). Throughout the whole film he is either looking for or looking after his beats and everyone else seems to be drawn into the film with no real purpose. Dan Fogler playing the annoying and completely unnecessary character of Jacob Kowalski, a no mag formerly known as muggles. The only character who I enjoyed seeing on screen was Colin Farrell’s Percivil Graves and by the end of the film he is pointless and kicked out for a B grade Voldermort who again is ultimately not needed in the film and felt forced.


Maybe my biggest gripe with the film is writing and the pace. I mean dear lord the pace of this film was all over the place, we could go from one scene to another with no real flow, the film couldn’t decided what it wanted to be. I think it was because of J.K Rowling that the film’s pace was all over the place, look it comes down to the editors as well and I’m not letting them get away with this also. This goes to prove because you can write a novel or a video game or a comic does not mean that your the right choice for scripting a film. Look she made the Potter universe but it doesn’t mean she can write film, this is why the film felt so slow, she will have wrote this more like a novel than a screenplay.

Something else I wish to talk about is the directing behind the film, David Yates directed this as well as 4 other Harry Potter films, now this is something what I feel needs saying. This is a director staying on one project for too long, his creative flow was simply lost on this film, I feel if a director wishes to stay on one project then they should do the Christopher Nolan route: Batman Begins then Prestige then Dark Knight the Inception then Dark Knight Rises.

I do not recommend this film, I feel like your money would be better spent on a film like Allied because this film is unoriginal and very by the books, I got no realy enjoyment out of the film, it comes close to the Transformers Franchise, not like it but close enough. I saw this the once, don’t think I will be revisiting this film for some time. I give this film a 1.5/5. Many many problems with the film with some minor spikes in interest, I hope you can enjoy the film more than me but I doubt it. Tell me what you all thought of the film, tweet me or go my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks.

My next review will be up tomorrow, it is a review of the new Robert Zemeckis film Allied, be sure to come back tomorrow for the review!


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