Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 Review and Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 Review and Discussion

Another week and another episode of the Walking Dead.I just need to say that watching Jeffery Dean Morgan playing the character of Negan is a pleasure. For those of you who don’t know, I start with a non spoiler mini review of the episode and then I go into detail with full spoilers. Saying this lets get into the review and discussion.

I have mixed feelings toward this episode, there are some elements of the episode which I thought worked very well and other parts that didn’t work as much.

I will start the episode by saying that this episode did not need to be extended, it could have been cut and the flow of the episode may have worked out better. That was a problem with the episode, the flow felt off, it would go from one scene to another and I felt taken out almost. Saying this, I felt a lot of the characters in the episode worked really well. I can’t praise Jeffery Dean Morgan enough, Andrew Lincoln is giving us a great performance consistently, showing us a frail and broken Rick but deep down we still see that Rick we know. Chandler Riggs’s Carl, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit.

Lets talk more about spoilers and what happened in this episode.

Michonne went off and attempted to become more like Andrea from the comics, basically she was learning how to shoot more accurately but I didn’t enjoy her scenes much, I felt pulled out and uninterested when she was on screen. The only two scenes she was in which I enjoyed were when she gives the rifle to Rick and then the scene with the big reveal of the episode. Lets talk about it. Basically Rick tells Michonne about Shane and he acknowledges that Judith isn’t his, he knows that Judith is Shane’s and he doesn’t care about it, she is his daughter and anyone who has watched the show knows that he loves Judith more than almost everything apart from Carl also. Watch the scene from the beginning of Season 5 when he gets Judith back, Rick is close to being in tears.

There was a mini story with Rosita and Spencer, it really didn’t do much more me. I have never really gotten behind Rostia and I hope Spencer does get killed because he has never interested me at all.

I don’t know what else to say about this episode, I mean I could sit here and just talk about how much I loved Negan and Rick in this episode but that may end up getting boring after a little while, so I guess I’ll conclude this and let you all get on with your day. I would give this episode a 2.8 out of 5. The acting in this episode was a high but the flow of episode just threw me off one too many times. Tell me what you all thought of the episode by tweeting me or go and check my Facebook page, links will be at the bottom of the post, or simply comment below, thanks.

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