Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 Review & Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 Review & Discussion

Here we are with another review & discussion for the Walking Dead. After the great opening to the season and the okay episode last week, I was looking for a good episode and I found it. This episode gave me what I wanted, while also building the character of Negan.


This episode was exactly what I was what I wanted and it was better than I thought it would have been. To sum it up simply the episode revolves around Daryl but maybe even more so than Daryl the episode is about Dwight. We follow these two men through out the episode.

In this episode we dive more in to what sort of leader Negan and something what is alluded to in the episode but I don’t feel they will delve very deeply into it. Negan in the comics is some what of a bad boy when it comes to the women and I’ll just leave it at that. In the few scenes we see of Negan he just proves again why I love and hate him at the same time.

They are torturing Daryl through out the episode, playing the same song day in and day out, giving him dog food to eat, making him wear nothing. We get 2 amazing scenes of Daryl with Negan. The first is when Daryl “escapes” and is surrounded by a few saviors and then out comes Negan, go and watch this scene and then do yourself the favor of watching the second scene at the end of the episode.


I did have a thought towards the beginning of the episode and that was “hey, are they trying to make me sympathetic for Dwight and make him the new Daryl?” I mean hey he does have Daryls’s Jacket, his bike and most importantly his crossbow. Ultimately are they making Dwight the new Daryl? No not at all but they do try to make you sympathize with him and they do a pretty good job of accomplishing this while giving you more reasons to despise Negan.


I thought everyone involved in the episode gave some great performances, the show was once again stolen by Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan, there is nothing this man has done wrong as of yet. He is doing a stellar job of playing this character, who you either hate or love, I fall more on the side of love but I do hate him slightly as well, which is the job of the villain.


I am going to go into small detail from the comics now and how the story on the show could go. In the comics, Carl gets sick of Rick not wanting to rebel against Negan, so he decides to go and kill Negan himself. It doesn’t go to plan but Negan does end up taking somewhat of a liking to Carl. Well I believe something similar in the show I believe will happen. I think Carl, like he does in the comics will get sick of Rick and how he has submitted to Negan but rather than just going to kill Negan, in the show it will be to get Daryl. It won’t end well, I do see Carl doing this because as Negan is killing Abraham but especially when he kills Glenn, Carl’s face says it all. He wants to kill Negan, now I think this will happen and much like in the comics I think Negan will have a line saying “Kid you scare the shit out of me.” I do hope this happens.


Ultimately, I think this was a good episode and will rank one of the better episodes of this season. I would give this episode a 3.4 out of 5, there were a few minute problems but overall this was a good episode, choosing to delve more into character development than The Walking Dead usually does. Tell me what you thought of the episode, Tweet me, a link to my Twitter Page will be at the bottom of the post along with a link to my Facebook page, or simply comment below, thanks.

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