Delving into the characters from The Incredibles

Delving into the characters from The Incredibles

I have long talked about the film Incredibles and what the deeper story is about. It truly surprises me that people still think that Pixar films are for children when really they are for adults and they are kid friendly. A perfect example of this is the Incredibles, on the outside it is just a family with super powers but if you look close enough and pay attention there is a deeper reason behind the character’s powers, that is what I am here to talk about.

While I am typing this I currently have the Incredibles on the TV right now. This is one of my favorite animated films of all time and I believe that it will always be one of my favorites. Like I have previously mentioned, here I will be diving into the deeper meaning behind the characters powers. For those of you who don’t know the Incredibles is the best Fantastic Four film we have ever got, it is a family of Superheroes, they all have their own individual powers.


Lets start with the lead of the film, Bob Parr or better known as Mr Incredible. He is the lead and the man of the family, husband and father. In the film he is struggling to cope with modern day life not being able to go around using his powers like he once could. Now a deeper part to the film what kids truly don’t understand is that he is desperately wanting to relive his glory days, the film is about him having a mid life crisis and as a child you simply don’t even know what a mid life crisis is. Now to get to his powers and the deeper meaning behind them. He is super strong able to lift and destroy just about anything what he wants. The deeper meaning behind the powers is that he is trying to be strong for his family, like the man should be for his family in stereotypical terms. He tries to hold the family together while trying to prove he is strong.


Now we move onto the woman of the family, Helen Parr better known as Elastigirl A.K.A Mrs Incredible. Now her power is being super flexible, she is able to stretch her body out over distances. She is trying the hardest to keep the family together while also trying to convince Mr Incredible that the days of being a superhero is long gone. The deeper meaning behind her super powers is that she is stretching herself thin trying to keep everyone together and under control. This is perfectly summarized in the dinner scene. She is yelling at Bob while stretching herself to keep her son and daughter under control. Another great scene is when the plane the family are on gets blown up and she wakes up mid free falling and she grabs both of her children and makes herself into a parachute.


Next up is the Daughter of the family Violet. She is at high school and has a crush, she is at that age when all she wants to do is hide from the world, she is coming up to adult hood and that can be a scary thing, with everything what happens during puberty she just wants to get away from it all. Hence the meaning behind her powers, she is able to turn invisible, she can just hide from anything she wants. She can also create almost mini force fields, well this explains being at that age when she just wants to block the world out and be herself. Her powers are genius for the age she is at, it perfectly resembles how teenagers can feel. This is done amazingly in the scene where she sees her crush and turns invisible, she just doesn’t want to be seen but cant’ honestly hide how she feels.


Here we get to the oldest son, Dash. Dash is a child and his powers allow him to run at super speed, he is able to run on water because he can run that quick, his mother won’t let him compete in sports because his powers give him an advantage over the other kids. I mean his name Dash alone is a little joke, “where is he dashing off to?” and of course the superhero Flash. Not only that but lets delve a little deeper into the meaning. His powers are again a representation of Dash and the age he is at, he is very hyper and over the top constantly, he has a quick and fast personality, very, very much like his powers. He is hyper and can’t be slowed down by anyone, no one can catch him like when he is running on the water, no one can catch him.


Finally my favorite character of the family and the youngest of the bunch. Jack Jack, that’s his name, no alias because he is still a toddler, an infant. His power is undecided, he is constantly changing what his power is. Look at the end of the film when Syndrome has hold of baby Jack Jack and he is constantly changing, well that’s the deeper meaning, let me explain. He is still a baby, he doesn’t know what he wants to be, the world hasn’t decided what he can and can’t be. He is constantly changing what he wants to be. It is a great meaning behind his power, I love it. He is honestly without a shadow of a doubt my favorite character in the film and I am not being sarcastic in the slightest.

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