Why?! Remakes are not bad thing but actually a good thing

Here I am taking a somewhat controversial topic. I’m here to give my opinion on why remakes are actually good rather than bad, how they are not a hindrance to the modern day audience. So be prepared because you may have conflicting opinions than me and that’s good, so tell me what you think of this topic down below.

The topic that has had audiences over the last few years very, very much conflicted, with most complaining about remakes, I however am on the other side of this debate, I believe that remakes are actually good and I am going to tell you why.

Lets talk about why people complain about remakes and sequels, but mostly remakes. The audience may feel we are getting too many remakes but the simple fact is that it seems like that because the big films get more money for their marketing department thus making it seeming like we are over exposed to remakes. I watch a lot of Youtube shows, I am in a few groups and people generally have the opinion and that is that they are sick of remakes and “hate how Hollywood are so unoriginal now”. I hate to break it to you but saying that Hollywood are unoriginal or saying that they don’t make as many new original films now compared to the 80’s is just simply wrong. There are more films being made now then there has been in history and a lot of the films are remakes and sequels but that also means that a lot of them are original films.

We are exposed to the remakes because of the money put behind them, take Ghostbusters from 2016 for example, a remake/reboot. There were advertisements for that film everywhere yet take a film like Hell or High Water, one of the best and my favorite films of the year. Have you even heard of Hell or High Water? Or films like Nice Guys, War on everyone, Deepwater Horizon. You very well may have just said that you have heard of them but did you watch them? I guarantee most people who read this will not have seen them films, yet they will be the same people who complain about lack of originality in Hollywood. Look people vote with your wallet, if you want more films like Transformers (which I don’t know why you would) then go watch it, I want more films like Hell or High Water and I went to go see it in cinemas. Look the simple fact is that Hollywood and all the studios are wanting to make more money, its a business and they are greedy (which is good). If they think making something like Hell or High Water will give them a larger profit margin then you can guarantee they will make them. They know how ever that it is unlikely to make big bank on films like Hell or High Water compared to Transformers, I mean Transformers 4 Age of Extinction made $1.1 Billion on a budget of $210 Million, meaning a lot of money was made of that crapfest.

Back to more of the argument of why remakes are good. Look lets take a few films like Scarface (1983), The Thing (1982), The Departed (2006), The Magnificent Seven (1960). What do all of these have in common, well they are all more or less universally loved, all considered great films, well guess what? They are remakes, the original Scarface was released in 1932, The Thing was released in 1951, The Departed was a remake of a foreign film called Infernal Affairs which was released in 2002 and The Magnificent Seven was a remake of Seven Samurai released in 1954. Could I name remakes what weren’t good at all? Yes I could and that is partially the point. Look I guarantee most people will have no idea that The Departed is a remake but regardless if The Departed was good, more people will know about Infernal Affairs because there was a remake of it. The original films get more exposure because they got remade, take Ghostbusters 2016 and Ghostbusters 1984, almost everyone will agree that the remake doesn’t hold up to the original but I guarantee that the younger generation will know about the 1984 film now because of the 2016 film, I am not going to hate on Ghostbusters 2016, it is actually important but that is another post for another time.

My motto is that any film can get remade, take the Lord of the Rings trilogy (some of my favorite films ever) and remake them for all I care. I say this simply because whats the worse that can happen? If the film is shit, who cares? I still have my unhealthy amount of DVD’s and Blu Rays of the trilogy (9 to be exact) of the films what I love. If they are good, great now I have more to add to my collection. My point is that if they remake my favorite film of all time and it is terrible beyond belief, it doesn’t mean that my Blu Ray of the original will suddenly disappear, I will always have it. If its good then great, if it isn’t who cares I still have the one I love. So I can not personally understand why people hate remakes, they only help expose the original to an audience who will not have known otherwise and if it’s bad who cares? You suddenly won’t stop loving the original because the remake is bad. Lets talk quickly about Scarface, they are currently working on a Scarface remake, it will be in LA and have an African American in the starring role, if that film comes out and is bad, I can not wait for the inevitable comments of “It’s not as good as the original” but in matter of fact the “original” they are talking about is a remake.

I would really want to know what you all think of this and where you stand on the remake debate. Go and Tweet me, my twitter account will be at the bottom of the post as well as my Facebook Page or simply comment below, thanks.

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