Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Review & Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Review & Discussion

Here we are again with another review & discussion for the Walking Dead this time we are dealing with the second episode of season 7. I’ll get more in depth a little later but let me start by giving a quick thought on the episode. I thought it was a decent episode with some good scenes hidden within it.

Right my thought on the episode, where to start? Lets start with the fact that I am not a huge fan at all of Carol and Morgan, neither of them really interest me. To me personally Carol goes up and down on the list of characters I like. The case is not the same for Morgan, I personally find a bland and very repetitive character, he to me seems to be doing and saying the same things over and over again. So an episode revolving around two characters who I am not the biggest fan of, doesn’t really have much of a chance of becoming my favorite episode of the season.

Now I get it, the last episode was so hectic (in a good way). That we needed a breather episode, hence the little action and more character development and progression of these two characters. Because last week’s episode has us constantly on the edge of our seats, we needed to be able to sit back but thats my problem with how Walking Dead is made. As someone who has been watching Walking Dead since the pilot episode on T.V aired, I have picked up and what every season is like. We open with a great episode, then we get like 3 decent or okay episodes, then we will get three good episodes and then the mid season finale which will have us on the edge of our seats again then the cycle repeats for the next half of the season, and so on and so forth. This unfortunately was one of the decent episodes.

Lets talk about the characters in the episode, we got Morgan and Carol, whom I have made my thoughts on them fairly clear, we got the big characters, the new character I have been anticipating quite a bit. Yes that’s right Luke or what ever his name was. No of course it is Ezekiel. Now as someone who is a big Walking Dead fan, I like to think I know a bit about Walking Dead, I knew about Ezekiel, I knew a bit about him, I personally don’t know how his story works in the comics. I will soon, believe me. I really, really felt dissapointed by Ezekiel at first, with my reaction being very much like Carol’s to first meeting the king, which I understand was the intent.


I want to get to the scene, one what may very well go into my top 5 scenes of Walking Dead this season, by the end of it. That scene being the one in the garden with Carol and Ezekiel. Go watch the scene, I feel it is perfect for giving us the real Ezekiel. I understand that this is the Walking Dead so for all we know he will turn around the betray our group but I want to keep somewhat optimistic. I also just want to point out for TV, his tiger Shiva looked amazing, yes compared to films it was no life of Pi but honestly it was great top notch CG. I have honestly seen films this year with worse CG than that.

I mean it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what will probably end up happening, it will be everyone versus Negan’s group the Saviors. It will be Rick’s group, Ezekiel’s group and probably the group at Hilltop as well.


I often try to leave any presumptions, any expectations out of my head when watching something as I did with this and to me this episode just didn’t hit on the level I wanted it to, not to say all I want is action, I can sit through an hour of Walking Dead with nothing but talking, if I feel it was worth it and build the story and to me that just wasn’t this episode.  With all of that being said and done, I will give this episode a 2.5 out of 5. I loved the garden scene, I am interested to see where Ezekiel goes and I want to know what if anything happens to Shiva. Unfortunately, I felt let down with the episode, but we never know what my thoughts on the next episode will be. Be sure to come back and check my review and thoughts on the next episode of the Walking Dead. Please tell me what you all thought of the episode, go and tweet me, I will have a link to my twitter at the bottom of the post as well as my Facebook page, or simply comment below, thank you.

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