Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 Review & Discussion

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 Review & Discussion

Where do I start this? First off I have been scared by this episode, like deep down, I’m no longer the same. I want to say now, the Red Wedding has nothing on this episode, i was on the edge of my seat for a good portion of this and some of it I even spent stood up. I’ll get into all of that. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!! You have been warned.  SPOILERS!!!!!!!

Let me start by talking about my opinion on the episode as a whole and I’ll get to what you all want a little later.

This episode has been received quite 50/50 by the audience from what I have seen, half of the audience enjoyed the episode while the other half did not. I personally am on the side of enjoying the episode, i have in fact seen the episode 2 times. The episode did an amazing job of getting you to hate Negan, i mean never have I hated a character so quickly compared to Negan. I love and hate Negan but what he did this episode was something else. I was sat thinking the whole time about Rick and what he was going to do, i fully bought into the performances that all the actor’s gave, especially Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings a sense of gravatos and while he is on screen, you are drawn to him at all times, you can’t help but be. There really isn’t much I can fault this episode for, personally I felt like almost everything in the episode worked pitch perfectly. Now is there problems I had with the episode? Yes of course nothing is perfect. I felt like the episode had maybe a bit too much emphasis on Rick and Negan and while I get why, i feel like we could have got more of the downfall of the group and the emotional journey some of them went through, it does make sense why they concentrate on characters like Maggie, Rick and Sasha Anne Rosita but maybe a little more from Aaron or maybe even Daryl, i mean him and Glenn were like brothers. Now you could argue that the punch that Daryl delivers to Negan says it all and yes maybe it does but to me I could have done with a little more. Like I said though minor nitpicks, overall I really really enjoyed the episode.

Now let’s get to what everyone has wanted to talk about, i will split this into 4 segments. Part One will be about the death of Abraham, next up will be the death of Glenn following that will be Carl and his arm.

The Death of Abraham

Not to sound like a snob but this is probably the number one character who I thought would go, now saying that I still wasn’t prepared for how crazy it was and how gory. This was a great thing to do, while I know people loved Abraham, he is a character who isn’t loved by all. I fall more on the side of I enjoyed Abraham, I can’t say I was overly upset that he died, in all honestly I cared more about Abraham than I did people like Sasha and Rosita and that is simply because there hasn’t been anything what these characters been through what made me really care for them.

It makes perfect sense why they would kill off Abraham because it gives the characters in the show something to stride towards, a reason to want to kill Negan, especially the characters of Sasha and Rosita. They are the main reason why this killing had to happen, so we can maybe get behind them a bit more and care for them that little bit more.

I like how they stuck to the character of Abraham till the very end, even when Negan has pointed Lucile at him and decided who will get the beating, Abraham “stood” tall and didn’t take his eyes off Negan. He just looked at him while it happened. Fun fact for all of you who didn’t realise, just before Negan is about to hit Abraham for the first time, Abraham is making a peace symbol. Michael Cudliz who plays Abraham has stated since the episode “The peace sign was something that ran with Abraham and Sasha throughout the series.” While going on to say “We has to figure out a way that he could basically tell Sasha that everything was going to be OK and to say goodbye. For those who caught it, I think it’s highly, highly effective.” I love this, in all honesty I noticed the second time around but I  didn’t know the meaning behind it. I love this and to me it only enhances the scene, still don’t care about Sasha though. Honestly how many of you noticed it?


The Death of Glenn

Well soon after the death of Abraham, Daryl stands up and delivers one hell of a right hook to Negan, now as we may remember Negan had warned us that he will shut any shit down, no exceptions. He even repeats himself for us. Now I knew they wouldn’t kill Daryl here, I knew there would be some sort of punishment, in all honesty I thought “Rosita is a goner here.” Negan just repeats himself then BANG! He turns and before we get a second to react which way he is looking he smacks Glenn right on his head. I was sat watching this with my family, I said “Fuck off” and stood up and didn’t sit down for a few minuets, I was gobsmacked. They had teased the death of Glenn twice last season and Negan kills Glenn in the comics so while a part of me always thought he could die, I didn’t think he would. Negan smacks him and instantly Glenn in covered in blood and we see that the whole group is broken up about this, especially Rick, Carl, Daryl and Maggie (for obvious reasons.) The frame of Glenn bloodied up and his eye bulging out, is perfect, it is exactly how it looks in the comics.  Here is the scene in the comics. It’s almost word for word what Negan says.


It made all too much sense to kill Glenn off, it is the ultimate motivation to kill Negan, while also maybe trying to get the audience to take Daryl of the high horse he is on and bring him down a peg or two. Now 2 things I noticed, Glenn is the first original cast member to die since season 3. The other thing I noticed is that a little later in the episode one of the Saviors takes a picture of Glenn’s body. This could maybe go unnoticed but it is a call back to last season when Glenn see’s pictures of men’s heads crushed.

Carl’s arm/ Rick Submits

Now in this scene did I know deep down that Rick wouldn’t cut off Carls’ arm? Yes I did but that just goes to show you how great performances can pull you in. Andrew Lincoln and Jeffery Dean Morgan were both on their A game in this scene because I fully bought into the scene. We all knew deep down that he wouldn’t do it, I knew when Rick was about to do it Negan would stop him but that didn’t stop me from buying into it.

That’s all for this review & discussion for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1. I enjoyed this episode a lot, I will be watching it again, I will be rating this out of 5 and I would give this episode, 4.1 out of 5, there were minor improvements to be made but non the less it was a great opener to the season. But it isn’t important what I think, I want to know what you all think about the episode, tweet me, go to my Facebook page or simply comment below thanks.

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