Why?! I love WWE!

Why?! I love WWE!

Let me start this by saying that you shouldn’t have to explain to anyone why you love something, if you love something then good for you. WWE on the other hand seems like the one product of entertainment, that the fans need to defend their love for it. So saying there here is why I love WWE.

Go watch the Connor the Crusher tribute video (link will be at the bottom of the post). That video alone should show you why we wrestling fans shouldn’t have to defend our love for the entertainment. Go watch that clip now, go watch it now then come back here. If I get you to do one thing today it has to be to watch this clip.

connor the crusher.png

When talking about wrestling the subject what always inevitably comes up is “Wrestling is fake”or “it’s not real” well I hate to break it to you but so is Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Star Wars and even Keeping up with the Kardashian’s. We know all too well that the superstars aren’t punching each other for real apart from the odd occasion. We buy into the characters that are on the show, just like we do with Walter White in Breaking Bad, we go through ups and downs with these characters, we admire how good of a wrestler they are, we despise some and love others.


When I get asked why I watch WWE, I’ll ask what is their favorite show and just tell them the same thing they will say to me. “It’s fake” then I will get the comment of “It doesn’t pretend to be real” well I’m sorry but WWE isn’t trying to be real anymore, its no longer like it was from its making to the early 2000’s. A wrestling term called Kayfabe is where the wrestlers would not break character even when they are not performing in the ring. So years ago a bad guy on the show could be a bad guy in real life to keep a sense of realism. We no longer live in them times, a wrestler will be a bad guy in the ring and then minuets later get in a car with a good guy and be best friends with them. An example of this is Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Kevin is a heel (bad buy) and Sami is a baby face (good guy) yet when they are out of the ring they are literally best friends, like literally Sami was Kevin’s best man at his wedding but when they enter the ring it’s the characters fighting not the people.

Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and John Cena. These are some wrestlers who I am going to be talking about here. John Cena is a man who I think everyone and their mother knows, he is one of the very few wrestlers I could name to anyone on the street and they will more than likely know who I am talking about along with people like The Rock, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan. John Cena is an advocate for wrestling, he is constantly on talk shows, appearing in films yet he never ever leaves the business, he loves this business, Love or hate Cena it is undeniable that he gets a reaction from the audience and fans around the world, just watch the link at the bottom of John Cena vs Rob Van Dam and listen to that crowd, a riot was about to erupt. Next lets talk about AJ Styles, this is a man who I believe is the best wrestler in the world right now and is in contention to be in the best of all time discussion. He is currently a heel (bad guy) but even while people boo and chant against him no one can deny that he is one of the best at his profession. We attach ourselves to not only the characters but the people behind the characters, AJ is a man who people thought they would never see at WWE, he is even nicknamed Mr. TNA yet here he is currently after making his debut 8 months ago the WWE Champion. I will have a link at the bottom but go listen to the crowd explode when they realise that AJ Styles is making his debut in WWE at the Royal Rumble. Now lets talk about Seth Rollins, this man is my favorite wrestler currently and is without a doubt in my top 5 of all time, there is a time where I hated Seth and would have named him my most hated wrestler. Like a TV show there is twists on WWE, some work some don’t and one that worked was splitting the group named the SHIELD. Seth was a part of this team and he betrayed his two best friends, listen to that crowd and then listen to the crowd on his return after an injury. We shouldn’t have appologise for enjoying something. Links for both videos will be at the bottom of the post.

Wrestling and me have had a bumpy road through out my life, I will have much more of a in depth story of me and wrestling later but here is a condensed version of the story. When I was very young, I never really got into wrestling, it just wasn’t for me, I spent my life obsessing with Football and Video Games. Then when I was maybe 7, I started getting into WWE, me and my brother would watch the highlights of Raw every Sunday morning. In school once or twice, every boy from out year made our Royal Rumble but it was more like a Battle Royal. I started falling out of wrestling at the age 12 and I still watched little bits here and there, when something big happened I would watch it and hear about it. Then about November of 2014, my friends at college started talking about wrestling and we spent a lot of time watching highlights and talking then I decided to start watching so I could be involved in more of the conversations and it was around the time Sting was making his WWE debut and I have been watching ever since then. Like I said I will have a in depth breakdown.

Wrestling offers a wide range of different entertainment, it has something for everyone. If you enjoy watching people defy gravity then go watch someone like Neville and his Red Arrow, that should be impossible to do. If you enjoy some fun go watch New Day (WHO! I love). There is something for everyone, enjoy just a good match just go watch some of the classics (Which I will have a post about). Like there is a style for everyone there is also a wrestler for everyone, a character for you to attach yourself to, literally what ever personality you have you can attach yourself to a wrestler.


There is entertaining and genuinely great storylines. We get some classics like Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon or Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels or something a little more recent like Randy Orton vs Triple or the story what has been a billion times Randy Orton vs John Cena. Even more recent Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose is a great rivalry. Even as I type this I am wearing this shirt here.


All of this is just something what I wanted to talk about, in all seriousness, no one should have to feel like they have to defend what they enjoy watching something, I love WWE end of. I don’t need a lecture of anyone about it because no matter how man times I get told it’s fake my reaction will never change. It’s almost as though everytime I get told it’s fake, the person saying it’s fake feels like I have never been told that before and that I should be heartbroken. I hope you enjoyed this post, please watch the links below, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or simply comment below, thanks.

Connor the Crusher Tribute WATCH IT!!!

John Cena vs RVD – Listen to the Chants!

AJ Styles WWE Debut – Crowd Reaction

Seth Rollins Betrays the SHIELD

Seth Rollins Returns

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