WWE Summerslam 2016 Predictions

WWE Summerslam 2016 Predictions

In this post we will explain our choices for each match at WWE Summerslam.

Pre Show

Cesaro vs Sheamus


Keiran –

The first of a very unclear, unnecessary best of seven series between the Swiss Superstar Cesaro and the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. Cesaro has already beaten Sheamus on two successive episodes of Raw, but according to Raw general manager Mick Foley winning two matches against a former three time WWE World Heavyweight champion isn’t enough to warrant a serious push. The fact that this match is on the kick off show just goes to show how little relevance Sheamus is at this point in his WWE career and how little confidence they have in Cesaro. The Swiss Superstar is one of the best athletes in the modern era and deserves better than a string of pre-show appearances against opponents that people don’t really care about, but none the less he’s in this feud now and the only way I can see this match panning out is with a Cesaro win, hitting the neutraliser on Sheamus for the 3 count.

Daniel –

Well Sheamus vs Cesaro is a thing and I can’t say I am too fond of this feud they have going on, simply because Cesaro deserves so much better. Cesaro is one of the best wrestlers WWE have right now and to have him be in a feud for no title but instead a title opportunity is beyond frustrating. Having said all of that I believe that Sheamus will win this match for the simple reason that he is the heel and to make this feud “interesting” they will need to spread out the wins between the two superstars. This feud will end when the 7 planned matches between them is done but until then it looks like we will need to just sit and wait to see if Cesaro wins the most out of the 7 matches.

Sami Zayn & Neville vs The Dudley Boys


Keiran –

WWE Pay Per View pre-shows are usually used as an opportunity to give the lesser stars on the roster a chance to compete. However, on the pre-show card for Summerslam 2016 that isn’t the case at all. Sami Zayn and Neville have never teamed together for a match in WWE and they probably don’t have very good chemistry, but since the Dudley Boys returned they have been jobbed out losing to almost every team in the company and in recent weeks there has been a few altercations in which Devon has accidentally hit Bubba instead of the opponent. This could be an indication that their days are coming to an end and another loss is inevitably on the cards tonight against Zayn and Neville. Even though they are new as a tag team It’s very likely they’ll pick up a win, especially as they are two of the most over stars in the company today.

Daniel –
This is something I found out about maybe 5 minuets before writing this piece. Sami Zayn is on the pre-show, SAMI ZAYN! Is on the pre-show, that angers me in a lot of different ways. Anyways I believe that Sami Zayn and Neville will win this match for the simple reason they are both super over with the crowd and well come on, taking into account the amount of matches the Dudley Boys have won recently it doesn’t take a genius to think of why Sami and Neville will win. I will admit that I am interested in seeing Sami and Neville team up because as far as I know they haven’t teamed up before. This is such a after thought of a match and that is said to say when talking about Sami Zayn. This man is one of the best wrestlers WWE have in their roster right now. It very much seems like WWE realized after making the match card that Sami Zayn doesn’t have a match and thought well just put him with Neville. They have just pushed Sin Cara out of the way and just replaced him with Sami Zayn, for those of you who don’t know Sin Cara was in this exact match on Raw, it was Neville and Sin Cara against the Dudley Boys. Long story short, Sami Zayn and Neville will win.

American Alpha, The Hype Bros & The Usos vs The Vaudevillains, The Ascension & Breezango


Keiran  –

It seems like WWE are really struggling with ideas for the Smackdown tag team division since the brand split and with the lack of likeable teams at their disposal I’m not surprised. I’ll start with the Hype Bros, a team that consists of Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley. There aren’t words harsh enough to describe my feelings towards either of these wrestlers, all I’ll say is that watching them is absolutely soul destroying, with Ryder incapable of performing a simple dropkick and Rawley getting laughed at by the Bulgarian Brute Rusev when he ran out to ‘save’ his partner. Moving on to the next ‘face’ team in this match The Usos. Before teaming with their Samoan Cousin Roman Reigns to face The Club, The Usos were actually a rather likeable tag team that got reasonable pops from the crowd, but since their family first storyline they have received quite a lot of boos and quite frankly the repetitive superkick bullshit got boring a while ago. Their partners in American Alpha had a great run as fan favourites in NXT and even held the tag team titles there fighting in memorable matches against the likes of The Revival and their impressive send off in a well fought match against the Authors Of Pain. Unfortunately, since their arrival at Smackdown they have won the Vaudevillains in an underwhelming debut that they won with ease. The week after this exact match happened and bored WWE fans all over the world. Moving on to the heels now and The Ascension are another team that had a strong run as NXT tag team champions but just haven’t been able to make an impact on the main roster with Konnor even getting suspended and leaving Viktor to job on Main Event. Tyler Breeze and Fandango both have in ring ability but lack the creative writing to make them into likeable or even hateable characters because at the moment they are neither, they’re just irritating. Finally, The Vaudevillains are ruined by Simon Gotch. That’s all that needs to be said, Aiden English makes a good heel but Gotch is holding him back as things are going for them at the moment, and with him getting into real fights with fellow superstars backstage it seems he’s a bit of a knob in real life as well. Get rid Vince, get rid. Overall I have nothing to say about the match other than that it will be just as boring as the first round on Smackdown last week, and will end in another face victory because American Alpha can’t lose on their Pay Per View debut, they just can’t, not to these six morons.

Daniel –

This very much like the match that has preceded it in the list is one I only just found out about a few minuets ago. We had this exact match on the Smackdown just gone and it was lets say non eventful to describe it. I can’t say it was disappointing because I went into the match not expecting to like it or anything and that is what I got. This match is going to be the same as it was on Smackdown, the faces will win. American Alpha will be the last group in with most likely the Vaudvillains, but they will throw them out. I honestly have no idea what else to say, this match is happening and I am not excited for it. All I will say now is that American Alpha deserve better but there is no one for them to fight on Smackdown right now.
Main Show

Carmella, Becky Lynch & Naomi vs Natalya, Alexa Bliss & TBA


Keiran –

Becky Lynch quite simply needs a win because lately she has been disappearing under poor booking on Smackdown, losing to Alexa Bliss which is not good for a superstar as talented and as over with the crowd as Becky Lynch is. Naomi is a great athlete and Carmella is a little bit irritating but altogether a solid addition to this team. Natalya has already had a feud with Becky Lynch which was arguably pretty shit. Tonight Natalya is teaming with Alexa Bliss who since the draft has beaten Becky Lynch and been relegated back down to NXT for a six women match against one of her opponents in this match Carmella, and an unannounced third participant that will take the suspended Eva Marie’s place. There is no reason for the heel team to win this match, all three of the babyface team members are due a push and should get it in the form of a victory tonight. I would also like to predict that the unannounced heel member in this match will be Billie Kay as she lost at Takeover Brooklyn 2 last night and with an appearance on Smackdown already this doesn’t seem too unthinkable.


Daniel –

Face win the match. I don’t care about any of the talent in this match except for Becky Lynch. She is the only reason I am going to sit through this match, it could be an “entertaining” match but I get the feeling deep down that it really really won’t be and that hurts me to say about a match involving Becky Lynch. She hasn’t had a match for a while and she needs one and I am sorry but she is the top female talent in Smackdown. I will admit I am interested in who will come and take the place left behind Eva Marie who got suspended for breaking the wellness policy. If it is anyone from NXT, maybe Billie Kay. Had WWE maybe planned out better and Eva Marie, not got suspended WWE could have done something very,  very entertaining with this match. Had Bayley won her match last night against Asuka, then we could have had Asuka come in and win the match for the Heels. Do not be surprised if Nicky Bella returns but I am looking forward to.

Enzo & Cass vs Jeri-KO


Keiran –

The team of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens might be new but they are certainly on the same page. Enzo and Cass are great on the mic and are the most over tag team at the moment. I think that Enzo and Cass will get the win tonight because Jericho and Owens are both unpredictable and could turn on each other at any time, whereas a win for Enzo and Cass would solidify their claim as tag team champion candidates.

Daniel –

The G’s will fight Jeri-KO. The Hip Hop Hobbit will face Bon Jon Jericho. This match is actually one I am excited to see and the characters involved in this match are all superstars who excite me. I believe that Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho will win this match, I feel like they will keep this duo going for maybe another month or two, ideally I would have this duo go till November for Survivor Series but I doubt it will go for that long. I feel like Enzo and Cass will win the tag team championships by next Wrestlemania.

AJ Styles vs John Cena


Keiran –

Will AJ Styles be as strong without the club? Well realistically yes but WWE don’t think so, although I am going with him for the win. There’s no two ways around it, AJ Styles is one of the greatest wrestlers that has ever lived (in my opinion THE best) and tonight he will prove that. I think it’s about time that AJ Styles, who has been the top attraction everywhere he has been gets the recognition from the WWE that he truly deserves and that will happen with a clean, solo and convincing win over the face that runs the place. John Cena doesn’t need to win to keep his status as a child favourite, however AJ does need it to be taken seriously by the WWE universe and that’s why I’m going with him for the win.


Daniel –

This is going to be a good and entertaining match, now AJ is the “Heel” in this match and he is doing well at it but I can’t boo AJ so he isn’t a heel to me. Honestly I think that AJ will be the man to beat the face that runs the place, he has been beaten before but he never really loses any rivalries, he will this time though. If there is a man in WWE right now who could believably beat any of the roster it is AJ as well as the fact that John AA’d AJ through the table on the newest episode of Smackdown, usually who ever gets beat the match before the PPV will win and well AJ got a pretty big beat down so I am just saying. AJ is going to go on to do what he does best and that is being better than anyone else and no apologizing for it. AJ if he isn’t already will become a name that every WWE fan knows by the end of the night.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton


Keiran –

With Lesnar’s recent positive drug scandal in UFC, Brock really needs to keep Vince McMahon sweet to stay a big part of WWE. This match really isn’t 15 years in the making like it’s being advertised and honestly it will most likely be a bore fest but Lesnar will win because he needs it more. If he loses he won’t be seen as such a beast, but if Orton loses he’ll be able to make people forget about that with a win on Tuesday night on Smackdown, plus it’s the beast incarnate so no one will really judge him all that much. Lesnar will kick out of an RKO then win with an F5. THEN GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel –

Randal Keith Orton will probably lose this match because its Brock Lesnar and Brock like John wins everything but non the less I choose Randy Orton the third generation wrestler to win this match and take the beast to Viperville with one RKO. There is a 5% chance that Randal will win the match but I like the underdog and actually enjoy Randy. Don’t get me wrong I will get sick of him by the Royal Rumble but until then I will enjoy him. The more interesting thing is that I do in all honestly believe that good old Bill Goldberg will return and go in a feud against Brock, maybe the match will end in DQ. I know how original to have a prediction for Goldberg to return but I do seriously feel it will happen and I am just saying they are making a big point of Brock being on the cover of 2K17 and good old Bill Goldberg as a Pre-Order character.

The New Day vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson


Keiran –

The New Day have been entertaining in their tag team championship run, some would argue they were better as heels but personally I prefer them as baby faces. They now hold the record for longest WWE tag team champions and now, with Big E’s injury would be a perfect time for the run to come to an end. Gallows is a monster and if booked properly next to Karl Anderson, who has a fine spinebuster by the way, could be a strong tag team. They have been champions in Japan with the IWGP titles 3 times together and are set to add WWE gold to their collection.

Daniel –

Well bollocks (see what I did there), New Day are going to lose but I’ll go with them. Since Big E has been shelved by Doc Gallows and Doc Anderson, it has been fairly obvious that the New Day will lose their streak and the titles along with it, handing them their second lose at a PPV in a row, The Wyatt family last month and the Club tonight. It makes sense why the New Day could lose, no Big E so they are missing their big power house, this means that when Big E returns he will be the centre of the group and if they break up he will have a push because he never lost the title, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston lost it. I think there is a slight chance that Big E comes out tonight but he will not be involved in the match as it is too late to involve him.

The Miz vs Apollo Crews



Keiran –

The Miz has finally found a character that he is good at portraying and he is doing a fantastic job at getting people to hate him, like a good heel should. Without a title The Miz won’t really have anything to do and I think that his run as champion is just starting. Even though Crews needs something to give him a push I don’t think it will come here. His in ring ability is outstanding and he deserves better but chances are he won’t get it. Maryse will undoubtedly have something to do with the win, but it will be a win none the less.

Daniel –

I believe that Apollo Creed will win this match, yes I called him that on purpose, if Daniel Bryan can, why can I? In all honestly this match is one I am not looking forward to, I do not like the Miz which means he may be doing something right but not only his character, I do not like him as a wrestler and quite frankly he bores me. I think it is time to move the title onto someone else and Apollo Creed is the man to do it, now I will say no matter the result, Apollo Crews will go in a rivalry with Shelton Benjamin but that rivalry ends in a handshake, I honestly do think that will happen.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte


Keiran –

There is no way The Boss is losing the title this early in her run as champion. Charlotte will not have Dana Brooke there so it will be a fair 1 on 1 fight in which Banks will make Charlotte tap for a third time. It will be a good match but Charlotte will have to lose to legitimise the legit boss.

Daniel –

THE BOSS WILL WIN. Oh sorry you wanted more from me, well Sasha Banks will win. You still want more, god your being needy aren’t you? It is Sasha’s first PPV as champ and there is no way in hell she loses the match, if she does then we riot because that will be the biggest load of bullshit ever. If Charlotte wins then I may actually cry.
Rusev vs Roman Reigns
Keiran –

Since he is out of the main card picture Roman Reigns is a lot more likeable, although Rusev will have to win. The more Reigns loses the more the fans will get behind him. Ru Ru won in the main event of Raw against Reigns which would usually imply a Reigns win this time around but this is an exception. Reigns doesn’t deserve a title after his violation of the wellness policy and a perfect punishment is to have him lose a number of championship matches in the coming months. Ru Ru will win with the accolade and that’s the way it should be. Don’t be surprised if Lana has something to do with it as well after Reigns pushed her face first into her own wedding cake on Raw the other week.

Daniel –

Well after “Santa” Mick Foley decided to spoil the fact that Cesaro wouldn’t beat Rusev for the title, we have been given Roman vs Rusev. I believe that Roman will win but that is not what I would do in this match. Ru Ru should get Roman in The Accolade and Roman refuses to tap and gets knocked out, WWE should slowly build Roman up. Have him never give up but never win the title either and after long enough people will start to root for him. I admit I am starting to come around to Roman again, although I hate that he shaved his beard, I enjoyed the beard when he came back. This match I believe will end with Roman winning, now if he walks out with the title, is another question but I do believe that he will win the match.
Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
Keiran –

Quite frankly this push that Ziggles is getting is rather ridiculous and he will lose. Ambrose will win with the dirty deeds after kicking out of Ziggles’ sweet chin music rip off. Nuff said.

Daniel –

I will say this and I know I will have the unpopular opinion but I couldn’t care less about Dolph Ziggler A.K.A Shawn Michaels Copycat wannabe. Dean will win no doubt, take it to the bank. Ziggler will get 3 counted and will hopefully not come up to main status again.

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins


Keiran –

A clear choice for the main event of Summerslam and if it isn’t then WWE are wrong. Simple as that. Finn Balor won a fatal fourway match against Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Rusev, then a 1 on 1 match against Roman Reigns all in one night to earn this opportunity and by all means necessary he is going to take it. Seth Rollins is good and keeps making a point of doing things before Balor but if WWE want Balor to be their new main man a win for him is required tonight at Summerslam. Ideally Balor will win, prompting a face turn for Rollins, ending with a respective handshake but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Rollins will lose and be put straight into a rematch on Raw, but all that aside Balor will win on the night with a coup de grace, and he might even kick out of the pedigree.

Daniel –

THE MAIN EVENT!!!!!!!!! WWE can say all they want that this isn’t the main event of the PPV but come on lets be honest here, it is. I have spend a lot of time debating who will win this match and I came up with Finn winning the match, for the simple reason it will help cement him as someone to truly be reckoned with and it will usher the new age of WWE what they keep talking about. For those of who you don’t know Seth Rollins and Finn Balor are my 2 favourite people in WWE right now, I love them both but there can only be one winner and well sorry Seth I love you but the Demon King will win tonight. Seth will hit Finn with the Pedigree but Finn will kick out and Seth will be in a fit of shock and Finn will hit him leading into the Coup De Grace and possibly another one if the pinfall is kicked out off, which I doubt.
They are all of our predictions for the stacked show tonight, the show known as Summerslam. Are you watching the show? Who are you excited to see wrestle? Why not go to our Twitter page or Facebook Page or simply comment below, thanks and we hope to see you all again soon.

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