WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 Predictions

WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 Predictions

This is Daniel and Keiran’s predictions for WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2. In this post we will make our predictions for every match on the card and explain the reasons behind our choices.

This will be the second time NXT Takeover goes to Brooklyn and after the success of the first show it has a lot of hype surrounding it. The main event of the evening saw Finn Balor defend his NXT Championship against Kevin Owens in a ladder match which ended in a Balor victory to retain the title. Although the main event was a great match it was out shadowed by the Women’s match of the evening between two of the finest female wrestlers not just of today’s generation but of all time. Then champion Sasha Banks put her title on the line against Bayley, who overcame the odds and defeated The Boss in a thrilling contest which saw Bayley win with a belly to belly suplex and another memorable moment from the match was Bayley’s reverse hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle. Both of these matches set a very high standard that the NXT superstars will be eager to surpass at tonight’s event.

Ember Moone vs Billie Kay


Keiran –

I’m going with Ember Moone simply based on the hype that her debut has been gaining over the last few weeks on NXT. Billie Kay has made an immediate impact over that time as well though, winning every match that she has competed in so far and will without a doubt put up a strong contest. Moone is destined to be victorious on her debut and with Kay already proving herself in the ring this past month I think even though Moone will get the win this match will be a good opportunity for both of these wrestlers to become over with the NXT universe.

Daniel –

I believe ember Moone will win because it is her big debut at NXT and the hype has been building to her debut tonight. It would make no sense what’s so ever to have her lose the match or to have the match and I’m anything but a pinfall or submission. After this win, I believe ember Moone will go on to challenge the winner of tonight’s women’s title match between Bayley and Asuka, that may be a obvious thing to state but it is still worth stating as she will become the face of the women’s division in NXT as soon enough Bayley and maybe even Asuka will make their big debut on the main roster

Andrade Cien Almas vs Bobby Roode


Keiran –

Since his arrival in NXT Almas has been nothing short of impressive. His slick, high flying style in the ring has been a real treat for fans of the lucha style. He is unbeaten so far in his NXT run but tonight I think that will all come to an end with the 39 year old veteran Bobby Roode. Roode made his first appearance in NXT giving a promo explaining why NXT needs him but he hasn’t fought as of yet. So with this being Roode’s debut the only realistic result is Almas losing and even though this match came out of absolutely nowhere and incredibly predictable it’s destined to be great. Putting Almas’ lucha style that I mentioned previously against Roode’s experience and aggression will create a contest of 2 completely different styles that could make for a match to remember.

Daniel –

For reasons that may be obvious I believe that Bobby Roode will win his match tonight against Andrade. That is in no way a slight against Andrade as he is a great in ring performer and has had his own little unbeaten streak but like what Brock did to Undertaker Bobby will come and destroy that streak. Bobby Roode is a man who I believe will take NXT by storm and I honestly believe this may be the match that takes people by surprise as a lot of people who will watch this PPV will see what Bobby Roode can and will do tonight in the ring. This match will benefit both performers and it gives Bobby Roode a name in NXT (which he shouldn’t need to do) people will know who he is tonight and why he is a force to be reckoned with. Andrade will also benefit because while he may suffer a lose it can help build his character and give the fans more of a reason to love the new and brass performer.

The Revival vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa


Keiran –

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa recently had the match of they’re lives, but not as a tag team. They faced off against each other in the first round of WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic competition in a match that was made great by the chemistry that they have together in the ring. Overall Gargano won the match and Ciampa hesitated the post match hand shake, but then came back to the ring for a heart felt cuddle which implied that they were going to carry on as a tag team but in wrestling anything can happen and it’s a rather popular assumption that Ciampa will turn on Gargano tonight at Takeover Brooklyn 2. But I want to see more of them as a tag team and hopefully the WWE creative team do to. A Gargano & Ciampa win would cement their place as serious contenders in the company’s tag team division, which is a place that The Revival already found themselves in by becoming the first ever two time NXT Tag Team champions. If The Revival lose they could well be called up to the main roster and thrown straight into either roster’s tag team division (hopefully Smackdown because it desperately needs saving from the likes of the hype bros and the usos). Along with that Gargano and Ciampa would be perfect successors to the NXT Tag Team titles and would keep up it’s legacy as an important accolade to win.

DanieL –

The revival vs Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa I agree with my friend here as I watched the match what Tommaso and Johnny had on CWC and it was a great match, possibly a match of the year candidate. I believe that the revival will win tonight because while the two performers are coming a truly amazing match, I believe that Johnny and Tommaso will break up sooner or later, even possibly tonight but I’ll admit that is highly unlikely. I believe that the revival is going to get beaten by TM 61 another tag team in NXT. I honestly believe that Johnny and Tommaso will end up having a Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens type of rivalry, once best friends now enemies. I think the revival retain the title and lose it in December or February of next year to TM 61.

No Way Jose vs Austin Aries


Keiran –

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Austin Aries has to win this match for the sake of NXT, and his own WWE career. No Way Jose would be a decent addition to WWE as a child friendly character that would belong on Smackdown’s lower card, also making appearances on Superstars. This is why he needs to lose tonight, showing Austin Aries’ quality yet again and maybe sending him off to Smackdown to further develop his character in a more appropriate scene. An Austin Aries win would be massively appropriate and it’s only a matter of time before the 2 time ROH World champion and 6 time TNA X Division champion carries on his past successes in WWE, and also an Aries win would give us another display of the last chancery which is his aggressive finishing submission. If he hits that it’s over and I thoroughly think that he will.

Daniel –

No way Jose vs Austin Aries Honestly if I have to give a reason why this match is a guarantee to end in a Austin Aries victory then I guess I will say that Austin Aries is an amazing in ring performer and is great on the mic. I think no way Jose is a character who some fans seem to enjoy (I fully admit that I don’t like no way Jose.) This is me being a fan boy and fantasizing but I want to see Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode, I think this is a future championship match for NXT. It makes all too much sense to have Austin Aries win this match, it will help show him as a beast and someone to reckoned with in NXT and when he goes after the title (which he will) he will be a legitimate threat to who ever has the championship at that time.

Asuka vs Bayley


Keiran –

Sat here writing this I’m sporting the I’m a hugger t-shirt in support of Bayley as she has her rematch against the women who robbed her of the NXT Women’s title at Takeover Dallas. If I were to go with my heart the winner of this match would be Bayley all day long, however I’m going to listen to my head and say that Asuka will come out victorious. Bayley made her main roster debut at WWE Battleground as Sasha Banks’ surprise tag partner to face Charlotte and Dana Brook where she came out to an impressive pop from the crowd and went on to win the match with Banks making Charlotte tap out to the bank statement. This appearance is the main reason I think it’s about Bayley’s time to rise up to the big stage and make a name for herself in the main roster women’s division. As well as this, Asuka is looking like a strong force in NXT at the moment and having her lose the title this soon after winning it wouldn’t do her any favours. So because of the two fore mentioned points I have made I’m going with Asuka.

Daniel –

Bayley vs Asuka I think that Bayley is going to do it for a second time and become a two time women’s champion in NXT in the same city what she won the title in the first time. While Asuka is being a great foil for Bayley, I just feel like it would work great for her to win. Now I fully admit this is more of a choice by the heart than a choice by the head, if makes more sense to have Bayley lose and Asuka retain as Bayley can then come up to the main roster and Asuka can help build a new champion in a few months. Like I said though I have hope that the face will come out on top and defeat the heel this match, I am really, really excited to watch this match.

Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura


Keiran –

Samoa Joe is one hell of a intimidating character, and he makes a very believable uneasy, unpredictable champion. The promos he has shot leading up to this match have been brilliant and he portrays a brute perfectly. Having said that I think he’ll lose his title tonight to a Shinsuke Nakamura that despite what Joe says s a well worthy challenger. Even though I think Nakamura will win I also think that Joe will be the first person in this promotion to kick out of the Kinshasa, but he will still lose. Nakamura will either hit it a second time or pull something we’ve never seen him do out the bag. Joe losing makes perfect sense in the way of the NXT title as Nakamura will be a natural champion and it will also send Joe to the main roster where we may see him challenge for one of the main titles. Joe will be a good edition to the main roster and Nakamura will be a great face of the NXT brand because it already feels like that’s what he is.

Daniel –

Samoa joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura I believe that Samoa Joe will win this match, to me it makes perfect sense to have Joe win this match. He wins and can then rub it in the face of Shinsuke that he defeated him as Shinsuke is on a unbeaten streak. As well as having Joe feel like he is truly the biggest and the best NXT has to offer. Leading to a rematch at the best NXT Takeover where Shinsuke will win promoting Joe to come up to the main roster. This is a hard match to call as either competitor could very much win and it would make sense why they would win. I just feel like Joe coming up to the main roster in November or January (Royal Rumble!) Makes so much sense for his character and you give Shinsuke a run with the title down in NXT who loses it to Austin Aries or Bobby Roode, let a man dream. Samoa Joe is a man who right now could go up against people John Cena and even the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar and not be a stretch of the imagination for him to beat them.
They are all of our predictions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2. I hope you all enjoy the PPV and tell us are you excited about the future of NXT? Who do you want to see in NXT? Do you want to see some of the Superstars come up to the main roster? Tweet us, go to the Facebook Page or simply comment below, this has been our predictions and we hope to see you again.

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