Henry Cavill teases black suit for Superman in Justice League!

Henry Cavill teases black suit for Superman in Justice League!

This post will contain spoilers for those of you who didn’t watch Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Justice League has been filming for a short while now and while it has been confirmed that Henry Cavill’s Superman will return, we all await to see in what capacity and how he will return, well Henry Cavill shared on his social media this image.

Now for most people this image may not mean an awful lot or give any details about Superman’s return in the film. For the minority of us who know this suit knows what it means.

Basically back in 1993 Superman was killed by Doomsday and it took maybe 10-12 months for him to return to the pages of DC but when he did he returned looking like this. Well he also suffered the same fate in Batman v Superman, so many have wondered if the same will happen in the DCEU.

Black suit

So many of us fans have been speculating if he will return with this suit and the mullet and all. This post is a tease but it all but confirms that we will see Superman return in this suit iconic second to the original suit what we all know and love. People may be wondering well what will this look like in the platform of film and live action, well wonder no more since we have already seen what this suit looks like on Henry Cavill himself. In Man of Steel there is a part of the film were Superman talks to General Zod and he starts to almost drown under skulls, well in that scene he had the black suit on.


Are you exited by the black suit? Are you excited to see Superman return? Tell me by tweeting me, going to my Facebook page or simply comment below, thanks and I’ll see you all with another post later.

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