DC go all out at Comic Con!! Justice League Footage!!

DC go all out at Comic Con!! Justice League Footage!!

With the fair to be said “mixed” reaction to Batman v Superman, many wondered what Justice League would be like. Well DC have went all out this Comic Con, it can’t be said that they haven’t gave the fans something to look forward to. Link to all the footage shown at the bottom of the post.

A few weeks back Warner Bros let some film critics from a range of websites etc on the set of Justice League, now this isn’t unusual but what happened next was something what doesn’t happen very often, Warner Bros let everyone talk about the set visit and the scenes what they saw and give their honest opinion and I never saw one single person say they weren’t at least slightly excited for Justice League.

Now going into Comic Con, it was a guarantee that we would get a new Wonder Woman trailer, since the film is released next July and the film Suicide Squad is out August 5th and it only made sense that we would get something for the film but we got a full 3 minuet trailer so I am just more and more excited for Suicide Squad. The one that I was personally most excited about when I saw all of these trailers was the very first look at Justice League.

I thought that the people in attendance to Hall H would get some footage but what I wasn’t expecting was everyone getting to watch it. There will be a break down of the trailer soon!

Firstly I will talk about Suicide Squad, the film was on my top 10 most anticipated films of the year, I believe 3rd or 4th on the list. The more I see from this film the more excited I get, something what this film has done which is rare is that we still don’t really know much about what the plot is, we know more now because of a in-depth synopsis but I feel like I don’t know what will happen every 5 minuets like other films (Amazing Spiderman 2 which had maybe 50 trailers.) I can not wait to see the film but the part I can not wait to see is Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker.

Suicide Squad

Next I will talk about the Wonder Woman Footage, this was a great first trailer for Wonder Woman, we saw footage with the Dawn of the Justice League special DC did but this was the first trailer. It gave small hints to the film and its plot while not giving the whole film away, I am a fan of Wonder Woman so I know of her origin so I can dig deeper into the trailer than maybe most. Non the less I am still excited for the film and it will be on my top 10 most anticipated for next year.

Wonder Woman.jpg

Finally the film that excited me so much, Justice League. I won’t delve too much into the trailer because of the breakdown I will have of the trailer a little later on but I will say that this footage very very much excited me as a DC fan for almost a decade. Tell me what you think of the footage shown at Comic Con, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks. Link to everything below!!!

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Wonder Woman Footage!

Suicide Squad Footage!!

Justice League Footage!!!


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