Ben Affleck’s Batman set in Arkham Asylum?

Ben Affleck’s Batman set in Arkham Asylum?

Ben Affleck was a great Batman in Batman v Superman, I think I was part of the 1% who were happy when he was cast but lets not get into that. It has been announced that Batfleck will be getting his own film and that Ben Affleck himself will be directing the film, co-written by him and Geoff Johns.

Now take this with a grain salt, it is only a rumor but I wanted to talk about it. The film is rumored to take place in Arkham Asylum for the majority of the film. Why? How long? We just don’t know yet but I am very excited if this is the premise of the film. This would be a very different superhero film if this turns out to be true, although I have to admit this sounds like the Green Arrow Supermax prison film what was never made but written by David.S Goyer, which took inspiration from Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth.


Ben Affleck has said that the film will be original so no adaptations of Hush, Arkham Asylum or Court of Owls but he has said he will borrow from various great Batman comic book stories. Now the two story’s what instantly come to mind are Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum and the Rocksteady game Batman Arkham Asylum. Now if the film takes from either the comic or the game, I will be more than happy, I love both of these stories for different reasons. Grant Morrison’s comic, like many of his comics are very different and it can actually feel claustrophobic at times and we actually delve into Batman’s psyche more than usual. Arkham Asylum the video game is the main reason I became such a huge Batman fan, it threw you into the Asylum when the inmates are running the Asylum and Batman is stuck in the middle being forced to stop many of his greatest enemies: Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow and of course Joker.

If the film takes inspiration from either of both of these source materials then I will be a very happy Batman fan. The film could be none we have seen in the comic book genre so far, it could be a very personal Batman film with having many villains and delving into the psyche of Bruce Wayne/Batman and making it maybe a very claustophic film with long hallways and a huge maze, if they make it anything like Arkham Asylum the game. Tell me what you think of this rumor, are you excited for the film? Are you excited that it may be set in Arkham Asylum? Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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