WWE Draft Results!!! With Discussion!

WWE Draft Results!!! With Discussion!

Well me and my friend stayed up and made our predictions for the Raw and Smackdown drafts. Basically WWE are having a Brand Expansion and that includes making Raw and Smackdown have superstars exclusive to their brand Raw or Smackdown.

I will have a picture of my predictions for the draft later on, I got 35 Superstars correct. I will be going through the Draft talking about which Superstar will be going to which show.

I will start by giving a list of the Superstars and where they went, then will dive into some of the decisions made and give my opinion :

  1. Seth Rollins – Drafted to Raw
  2. Dean Ambrose – Drafted to Smackdown
  3. Charlotte – Drafted to Raw
  4. AJ Styles – Drafted to Smackdown
  5. Finn Balor – Drafted to Raw
  6. Roman Reigns – Drafted to Raw
  7. John Cena – Drafted to Smackdown
  8. Brock Lesnar – Drafted to Raw
  9. Randy Orton – Drafted to Smackdown
  10. The New Day – Drafted to Raw
  11. Sami Zayn – Drafted to Raw
  12.  Bray Wyatt – Drafted to Smackdown
  13. Sasha Banks – Drafted to Raw
  14. Chris Jericho – Drafted to Raw
  15. Becky Lynch – Drafted to Smackdown
  16. Rusev – Drafted to Raw
  17. The Miz – Drafted to Smackdown
  18. Kevin Owens – Drafted to Raw
  19. Baron Corbin – Drafted to Smackdown
  20. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy – Drafted to Raw
  21. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson – Drafted to Raw
  22. American Alpha – Drafted to Smackdown
  23. Big Show – Drafted to Raw
  24. Dolph Ziggler – Drafted to Smackdown
  25. Nia Jax – Drafted to Raw
  26. Neville – Drafted to Raw
  27. Natalya – Drafted to Smackdown
  28. Cesaro – Drafted to Raw
  29. Alberto Del Rio – Drafted to Smackdown
  30. Sheamus – Drafted to Raw

These were all the Drafts made on the Smackdown Live show. I will have the lists for other Superstars who were announced on the WWE Network.

  1. Golden Truth (Gold Dust & R-Truth) – Drafted to Raw
  2. The Usos – Drafted to Smackdown
  3. Titus O’Neil – Drafted to Raw
  4. Kane – Drafted to Smackdown
  5. Paige – Drafted to Raw
  6. Darren Young – Drafted to Raw
  7. Kalisto – Drafted to Smackdown
  8. Sin Cara – Drafted to Raw
  9. Naomi – Drafted to Smackdown
  10. Jack Swagger – Drafted to Raw
  11. The Ascension – Drafted to Smackdown
  12. The Dudley Boyz – Drafted to Raw
  13. Zack Ryder – Drafted to Smackdown
  14. Summer Rae – Drafted to Raw
  15. Apollo Crews – Drafted to Smackdown
  16. Mark Henry – Drafted to Raw
  17. Alexa Bliss – Drafted to Smackdown
  18. Braun Strowman – Drafted to Raw
  19. Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango) – Drafted to Smackdown
  20. Bo Dallas – Drafted to Raw
  21. Eva Marie – Drafted to Smackdown
  22. The Shinning Stars – Drafted to Raw
  23. The Vaudevillains – Drafted to Smackdown
  24. Alicia Fox – Drafted to Raw 
  25. Eric Rowan – Drafted to Smackdown
  26. Dana Brooke – Drafted to Raw
  27. Mojo Rawley – Drafted to Smackdown
  28. Curtis Axel – Drafted to Raw
  29. Carmella – Drafted to Smackdown


Right so time to talk about some of the drafts, I will give my opinion on some of the draft choices made. Firstly lets talk about the first two draft choices made, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins was for me the most obvious first choice to be made, I had predicted he would go to Raw, I just didn’t see him going to Smackdown, now Dean on the other hand I hadn’t expected Dean to go to Smackdown, I had him going to Raw, I thought he may have been the second person to get drafted to Raw but in hindsight I should have know better. It only makes sense that you have two of the biggest Superstars on both of the brands, now I know personally I lobe Seth Rollins so I am looking forward to him on Raw as well as seeing Dean on Smackdown, I am defiantly interested in how that will work out. They had a title match last night and Dean won clean, so it makes everything so much more exciting for Battleground.

Lets talk about draft choices 3 to 7. Charlotte is a choice was beyond obvious that she would have been drafted really early and drafted to Raw, the flasgship show of Raw and Smackdown, I am excited for the women’s division. AJ Styles going to Smackdown at draft choice 4 is amazing, I knew he would be drafted early into choices, although I had him on Raw, I thought they may have kept him on Raw but it makes sense, move him to Smackdown then you get hardcore fans who love AJ Styles to watch Smackdown and he can carry on the John Cena feud without the rest of the Club. Now the next two are very interesting, firstly Finn Fucking Balor! Sorry for swearing but I am so beyond happy because anyone who has seen Finn Balor wrestle will know what he can bring to the squared circle and to see him on Raw, which I had predicted, only made sense to have him on the show what people will watch most. For him to Drafted at number 5 though is amazing, I mean truly amazing. Next up is Roman Reigns, who is currently on a suspension but we will see him this Sunday at Battleground. I mean I got this wrong, I had thought he would go to Smackdown and Seth & Dean would be drafted to Raw but it seems that Seth and Roman will stay together and Dean off by himself. Now the man who runs the place, good old John Cena, I get why people who hate John Cena but I personally still enjoy watching him wrestle and this was as clear as day that he would be drafted to Smackdown, now to get drafted at number 7 was interesting, people like AJ, Finn, Seth and Dean to get drafted before John is crazy. I look forward to John and AJ continuing their feud.

Now onto the next two draft choices. Firstly Brock Lesnar to Raw, this is interesting because we know that he is fighting Randy Orton at Summer Slam in a match what we haven’t seen on a PPV but as soon as Brock was announced at the number 8, I said well we know who is next, it only made sense to have the Viper be the next choice, Randy Orton was announced as the next draft to Smackdown, now I got both of these correct with the thinking that well they are going to fight at Summer Slam. Brock only comes back every so often so you have him on Raw so people will watch him no matter what and those who want to see Randy Orton will go to Smackdown for their dose of the Viper. Interesting fact Randy hasn’t been on WWE for about a year now.

Just one to talk about here, New Day stay together and are on their way to Raw, now I love New Day so much but I thought they were going to split them up even though I really never wanted them to. I thought they would push Big E for a solo run and keep Xavier Woods and Kofi as a tag team but they are all on Raw. I can not wait to see what more we get of New Day as a team together because they always manage to make me laugh. NEW DAY ROCKS!!

New Day
New Day

Now I will be talking about draft choices 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19. Sami Zayn is choice 11 and Kevin Owens is choice 18. For Kevin Owens this is too low of a number he should have been closer to Sami Zayn, I would even have him higher than Sami Zayn. Now what is interesting and raises questions is that Sami and Kevin are in a feud that will “end” on Sunday. So I like most people were right in assuming that they would be on separate shows but apparently not so they will undoubtedly end up in a feud sooner rather than later again. Bray Wyatt is the next Superstar at 12, he went to Smackdown which I got correct, I had guessed well he is a popular character and we need more factions so why not send him to Smackdown. It will get people who enjoy him, me included to watch Smackdown for him. Chris Jericho is number 14 and he went to Raw, I had predicted to go to Raw, I feel like he will be here for a few more months then leave to go do more music then maybe comes back for a final run a little later, but for now I love Chris Jericho, he always makes me laugh and with the whole thing he has going of Stupid Idiot, I say it in everyday life now, he is always a good time and makes the show entertaining. Rusev went to Raw at number 16, this makes sense, I love Rusev when he is being like he is now, an absolute brute who can’t be beaten and just a monster, especially since he is the US Champion right now, makes sense to have him on Raw. Next up is the Miz at number 17, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt he is one of the only wrestlers who I don’t like right now in WWE, I just don’t like his character at all, some may say that is the point but I love heels like, Jericho, Owens and especially Rollins, so I don’t know but he is Intercontinental Champion. Now number 19, Baron Corbin, I am looking forward to seeing Baron fighting someone other then Dolph Ziggler, I want to see what more Baron can do and make him a fully fledged heel, making him the type of heel who takes no shit and will beat anyone in their way that’s what I want to see.

Now Draft picks 20, 21 and 22, all tag teams. At 20 we have Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy, I love these two I mean these two always have promos what me laugh and their debut against the Dudleyz, I can say that promo word for word, I have watched it so many times, I love it so much, I thought they were going to break them up but I am so happy they never, they both went to Raw. Next we have Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, the other two members of the Club are at Raw without AJ, they are with Finn now though, just saying if you know your wrestling then you know what I am hinting at. Now we get two more predictions I got correct at 22 we have America Alpha from NXT at Smackdown, now I have only seen a bit from these two but from what I have seen I enjoy and want to see what they can do together, I get the feeling that these two will be the two biggest tag teams in Smackdown.

now lets skip to 25, 26 and 28 all three of these will go to Raw. Firstly Nia Jax, I had her on my list then took her off, I can’t believe I did that and I would have sent her to Raw as well, I am really really looking forward to her go against the people Charlotte on the big stage and go after the gold, color me excited. Now we have Neville, someone who I left off my list because I won’t lie I forgot about him and that isn’t knocking him, I really enjoy watching Neville fighting, we don’t see many high fliers right now so its good to see him back. Finally this pissed me off so much, Cesaro is at 28! 28 really? Cesaro the man who is one of the single best wrestlers at the company right now, I love Cesaro so much, so much, he always delivers. I mean just look at his spot at Money in the Bank where he leaped off the ladder onto the middle rope and corkscrewed into someone, do yourself a favor and find it on youtube because it is amazing, you know what stop reading this and go watch it right now. He always delivers, they need to make him a bigger because he is so fucking good honestly.

My Predictions

Well that is the Draft and some of my thoughts, I could have done a 10,000 word essay on this draft but I think 2,000 will do for now at least. Overall I loved the Draft and am really looking forward to both Raw and Smackdown, only time will tell how well it has gone. Tell me what you all thought of the Draft, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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