Huge crossover in DC T.V this fall!

Huge crossover in DC T.V this fall!

There is going to be huge crossover this fall in the DC T.V universe. The news of Supergirl moving to CW to join in the Berlanti Universe as it is nicknamed (because of the producer Greg Berlanti.) We are going to have a huge crossover this fall with the shows, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. By that point it will be Supergirl Season 2, Flash Season 3, Arrow Season 5 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. Link to the trailer at the bottom of the post.

We got a teaser trailer for the crossover to announce that the crossover is happening. While there was no footage in the trailer, we got footage from all 4 of the shows involved, including clips of when Flash and Arrow have crossed over and when Flash appeared in Supergirl.

I am going to have to catch up on some of the shows involved, mainly the ones that aren’t called Flash, because I need to watch Arrow season 4, I stopped watching after Season 3, I haven’t seen any of Supergirl this season and I have seen half of Legends of Tomorrow but I stopped watching and never caught back up, so I will need to watch all of them before this crossover. Tell me what you all think of the crossover and will you be watching, Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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DC T.V Crossover Trailer


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