Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer Breakdown!!

Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer Breakdown!!

Well like I said in my last post here is the breakdown of the Rogue One Teaser Trailer. let me just say firstly I love the film and I will be watching this trailer on repeat. With all of that being said lets get started with the trailer breakdown.

Ok well we start the trailer seeing the back of Felicity Jones with a piano version of an iconic Star Wars theme. It looks like she is on Yavin IV, the Rebel Base what we see at the end of a New Hope. We hear a voice say “State your name for the record” then Felicity Jones replies”Jin Ursa” as she turns to the camera, so we now know what her character is called. She is then escorted through the base by a Rebel Soldier, it is also good to notice that she has handcuffs on. “Forgery of Imperial Documents, possession of stolen property aggravated assault, resisting arrest” now the voice saying this sounds to me like an Imperial because at the end he says resisting arrest and Rebels don’t really arrest anyone, so she gets caught early in the film I am guessing and this is an Imperial officer saying this to her.

We see Jin walk in a very recognizable room for any Star Wars fan, we see the maps and the round hologram table and on the other side is Mon Mothma. When I saw this I yelled “Mon” It is great to see Mon Mothma again, although we kinda knew she would be in the film, it would only make sense but still. She then says “Reckless, Aggressive and undisciplined” this is Mon Mothma talking and is basically saying what the Imperial said earlier in the trailer. The she is aggressive and can be dangerous.


“This is a Rebellion isn’t it?” Jin says (I hope I am spelling that right) now we see that she starts the film already at odds with the Empire and she has a droid with her, one what to seems similar to IG88, it isn’t IG88 but it reminds me of it. She then attacks a group of Storm troopers, my guess here is that this is where she is resisting arrest when the Imperial says it earlier on in the trailer. She makes it look easy, she is an absolute bad ass, I don’t know if it is the same scene but there is an explosion and she saves someone from it for a quick second.

We then go back to the room with Mon Mothma and Jin says “I rebel” so my guess is here she has heard that the Rebellion has some sort of plan and she wants to help and they are asking her why and this is her reply. Now we get a shot of Jin again looking out of a window, giving to me a look what Luke has in a New Hope when he looks out at Dune Wasteland.

“We have a mission for you, a major weapons test is imitate, we need to know what it is and how to destroy it” While this is being said we see a Star Destroyer and in the background from out of the shadows, a very familiar weapon. We see the final touches being done to the Death Star the most powerful weapon in the Galaxy. This is Disney showing the average audience that this isn’t a sequel to the Force Awakens but actually takes place a lot earlier before hand. We then see a Rebel commander says “Is that clear?” and Jin replies “yes sir.”

We then hear an alarm, now maybe it is some X-wings taking off or it is in the Death Star or something Imperial after the plans have been stolen. Now we see Ben Mendelsohn comes on screen and he reminds me an awful lot of a character what everyone wants to be cannon, Grand Admiral Thrawn, while he isn’t blue dear lord he looks amazing and who ever he is playing I can’t wait to see him.


Now we see more Storm troopers and I am guessing this is before the fight with Jin earlier on in the trailer. We get a quick look at Forrest Whitakker’s character, he is going to be working with the rebellion.


Then a quick shot again of the Death Troopers/Shadow Troopers, with what looks like a moisture evaporator on fire in the background. Now we see some rebels in cuffs being walked away by Storm troopers so my guess is that here is where Jin saves them and goes with them back to Yavin IV.


Now a shot of Jin, a man and her droid running away from Storm troopers I am guessing, the place where they are is very Imperial, maybe it is in the Death Star? But I doubt that, I feel like she is breaking this man out of prison and they are now running away from the Storm troopers. Now we get some shots of Donnie Yen being a bad ass with a stick of some sort beating the shit out of some Storm troopers.

We see some Imperial ships being blown up, maybe it is what the Rebels use to get around the Empire like Han and everyone did in Return of the Jedi. We now see the back of Ben Mendelsohn’s character walking towards some wreckage, maybe the explosion what just happened?

Now we see a figure dressed in all black kneeling to a big white screen of some sort, maybe a transmission from Darth Vader or the Emperor.


Now we see our group of Rebels running towards 3 AT-AT’s and they look amazing, I can not wait to see this film in cinemas and more importantly IMAX.


We now see Jin in a hall way what I can only guess is in the Death Star and she is dressed in all black. My guess is that she is using this to get into the Death Star undercover. Now is it just me but do we hear a slightest breath of Darth Vader in this scene, just as Forrest Whittaker stops talking I can swear you hear just slightly the breathing of the Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Vader.Felicity


That my friends is the trailer, now I am not doing it any justice, go watch it and if you thought I have done something right for once, why not leave a comment about the breakdown and what you thought about the trailer. Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks and may the Force be with you, always.

Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer

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