Walking Dead Finale My Thoughts/Review/Predictions

Walking Dead Finale My Thoughts/Review/Predictions

It has been a while since I have done a post and why not start with something was has had the internet talking about for the last few days? The ending to the finale of Season 6 of The Walking Dead. So here we go.

Now don’t forget that these are my thoughts about the finale, well to be honest I will be talking about the last 10 minuets of the finale. That being said I thought the Finale in general could have been better, it definitely hasn’t been the best finale that the show has had but the last 10 minuets were what everyone was there for.

Jeffery Dean Morgan was genius casting, I always liked the casting but watching him perform the role was an absolute pleasure, while he was the bad guy I couldn’t but find myself laughing at some of the comments he would make.

From the very second he walked down from the the RV he owned the screen and demanded your attention and you gave it to him because we say all these characters who have been through hell already and even characters like Rick has tears in his eyes. This character showed you why he should be feared and you believed it with the acting of everyone involved in the scene. The moment when Neagan was talking to Carl, Carl was one of the only characters who didn’t flinch at slight of Neagan.

The actual last 1o minuets its self was great, the Director, the Camera Operators (D.O.P) the Sound Mixers everyone should get congratulated on this because they all did an excellent job on this finale. Everything and everyone worked perfectly well together in this scene, it will undoubtedly be in my top 20 scenes of the year in T.V and Film.


The whole scene was amazing but lets be honest here people, the only reason audiences are a bit pissed off with the finale is because of the cliffhanger, everyone behind the show must have thought it was a good way to end the season but the audience didn’t agree, I agree with the audience. I agree because it was a cop out, through and through, it was a way for the producers to keep us talking about the show but they copped out to not show us which character got killed by Negan. Negan does say that is anyone moves that they will feed the other eye (Carl’s eye) to Rick, so that to me at least means that they will survive, but that was obvious anyway.

Now my prediction for who it is, well I have it narrowed down to a few characters. 1: Glenn, now this is for anyone who has read the comics or knows what happens in the comics, basically in the comics Glenn is the one who gets to meet Lucile up close and personally. Now they have done a Glenn fake out death already this scene so this could go for and against why it might be him. They fake his death to make us appreciate Glenn that much more and make us happy to see him survive then they take him away from us.


2: Daryl, now Daryl is my favorite character in the show and I thought it was a guarantee he would die in the finale but alas it never happened, if you want to show just how badass and for wrestling fans a heel he is, then why not kill of the fan favorite character. Do something what the Governor didn’t do until half way through the third season by killing Merle or even later when he killed Hershel. It would be like Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens, have him kill Han Solo and everyone instantly dislikes him.


3: Abraham, now one of my friends pointed this out to me, when Abraham is saying goodbye to Eugene, well that could be flipped around to retroactively be a goodbye from Eugene to Abraham. Another reason is that he is one of the few characters who isn’t intimidated by Negan, in fact when Negan walks up to him he sits higher up to get closer to show he isn’t intimidated by him.  He could get killed just for Negan to show that everyone should fear him.


4: Michonne, now this one has made sense to me since Rick and Michonne hooked up and have been together, for the simple reason in my thinking. Rick can’t be happy for too long and what better way to affect Rick than kill the woman who he “loves?” that would affect both Rick and Carl hard leading down a dark path possibly.


My Final choice 5: Maggie, now this is a very dark choice and I don’t know if it will happen but let me just explain, now this is a way to get Glenn to down a very dark path for his character, having his wife and child die, that would take Glenn somewhere we haven’t seen him go down. Also Glenn reacted when Maggie had Lucile pointed at her, so he knows that he cares for her.


Now this is a bit of a cop out by me but someone clearly dies, we see that but what if Maggie and Glenn’s child dies also because they couldn’t get Maggie to Hilltop because of Negan and his men. Now that could make the two of them go down a very dark path possibly.

What did you think of the finale, the ending and who is dead? Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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