Indiana Jones 5 officially happening!!

Indiana Jones 5 officially happening!!

I think we all knew sooner or later that  another Indiana Jones film will be happening and a few months back an Indiana Jones producer said that they don’t plan on making another film without Harrison Ford. 

Well in a press release today Chairman of Disney Studios Alan Horn said “Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019,” 

This isn’t just someone at Disney or some little outlet, this is the chairman at Disney saying that we will get a Indiana Jones film in 2019, Alan Horn went on to say “It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with Harrison and Steven.” 

It looks like Harrison Ford is making a round of his most beloved characters, playing Han Solo again, playing Indiana Jones again and Rick Deckard. 

I am more than happy with this announcement, with Steven Spielberg returning to direct and Harrison Ford returning to the titular role. Now while people may not be very excited for this and that is understandable with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but this is Disney we are talking about, they won’t let anything like that happen this time and if how they have treated Star Wars is anything to go by then Indy is in good hands along with Kathleen Kennedy head of Lucasfilm will be involved with this film as well, that can only mean good things. Tweet me what you all think about this, are you excited for the film? Go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks. 

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