WWE Roadblock Review/Discussion

WWE Roadblock Review/Discussion

Roadblock has been finished for a few hours now and I have decided rather than waiting 2 weeks to do this, why not do the review/discussion now rather than later. I will be talking about the different matches and what I thought about them.

So I only found out that Roadblock was actually happening maybe a week and a half ago, some of the matches on the card for Roadblock seem to be ones what people wanted or were expecting for Wrestlemania. The whole night was overall very predictable, you couldn’t get a single match wrong.

We started the night with New Day vs Barrett and Sheamus representing the League of Nations. This match was very, very predictable, I think everyone knew going into this match that New Day would win and hold the title. The match wasn’t a bad match, it had some entertaining spots in the match but overall it was a opener and I wasn’t expecting anything amazing and I never got anything amazing, the match did what it was there for, to get me ready for the event. I am personally sick of New Day’s gimmick, let me rephrase that, I have never liked New Day’s gimmick and I feel like New Day will be gone by around Summer Slam time.

New Dat

The next match on the card was a surprise match for me, Chris Jericho came out and started showing that he can be a good heel and that the rivalry between him and AJ Styles will carry on. Y2J was talking about different people who the fans have cheered over him, he started making fun of Canada … ok then. Then out came Jack Swagger, I honestly do not like Jack Swagger at all in the slightest and while we were supposed to cheer for Jack Swagger I found myself wanting Chris Jericho to win. Of course Chris Jericho won the match and thank god he did, I was expecting something from AJ Styles to come out or even appear on the titan-tron but nothing happened so guess we have to wait for Raw. I didn’t mind this match, I just don’t like Jack Swagger so when ever he fights I lose interest.


Next up was a match I was looking forward to, it was a match for the NXT Tag Team Titles, the current champs The Revival (who I had never heard of) against Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy. I have never seen either of these fight and I was interested to see Enzo and Colin fight, because they will be no doubt moving up to the roster of WWE soon, so I wanted to see what they are like. Honestly this match was interesting, the match was a good one and I quite like the spots that happened during the match, I get the feeling though that Enzo and Colin do a lot of the same spots because they seemed to get a bit repetitive. Of course The Revival won and retained the championship belts, everyone saw this coming, of course they did, there wasn’t a shadow of the doubt that Enzo and Colin would lose.


Now we had the Diva’s championship, Charlotte vs Natalya, I can’t say much about this match, I’m not the biggest fan of the Divas Division and that is because WWE don’t push them at all, this is when I go on my phone and check what is happening in the world. Of course Charlotte won the match and retained her title, there wasn’t a single doubt there at all. It was a decent match from what I saw of it, I just lost interest in the match.


Next up was one of the matches I was looking forward to most, I am interested in seeing Brock vs Bray, for some reason Luke Harper was there as well … ok. I was expecting this match to actually be what it said on the card. I was sold on the idea of Brock vs Bray and guess what we got Brock vs Luke Harper, guess this isn’t when we will get Brock vs Bray, just have to wait then. Overall the match wasn’t too bad if I am honest, it was an entertaining match and I just wish we got some Brock vs Bray. I mean of course Brock won the match, who didn’t see that coming?


Here we have next Sami Zayn vs Stardust, again ok then. I am again interested in seeing what Sami Zayn will be like in the roster of WWE, now why he was fighting Stardust, I haven’t got the slightest clue but it wasn’t too bad of a match, I want Stardust to go away and to have Cody Rhodes back and I want to see Sami vs Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania, of course Sami Zayn won the match.


Here we are at the final match of the event. Triple H the current WWE World Heavyweight champion vs Dean Ambrose, a match people wanted to see at Wrestlemania and I wanted it also. This was honestly a good match but as soon as Triple H couldn’t land the Pedigree I knew how it was going but I will admit when Dean Ambrose got the 3 count of Triple H I was happy and confused but then I realized that his legs were under the rope, when that happened I knew how the match would end. I would have loved to have seen Dean Ambrose as champion vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania but looks like  won’t happen. So if you didn’t guess Triple H won and retained his title by landing a pedigree on Dean and pinning him.

Triple H.jpg

So I need to say this was a good little event, I enjoyed just about every match and I would actually like to see something like this maybe every other month, it would allow people from NXT to have a match and let the fans get adjusted to them and see what the fans of Raw and Smackdown feel about some of the younger talent. But yeah overall I want to see something like this happen more often, the event was good and I have to admit I probably enjoyed this more than I will Wrestlemania. Although I am quite confused as to why there wasn’t a single title change but hell what do I know. Tell me what you all thought of the event, Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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