New Captain America Civil War Trailer Released!!! Breakdown!

New Captain America Civil War Trailer Released!!! Breakdown!

It is finally here, the next trailer for Civil War has blessed us with its arrival, we love you Marvel and the Russo Brothers. I was sat for about an hour straight just refreshing Youtube, Facebook and Twitter just to see the trailer as soon as it drops online. It happened and I am going to be doing a full trailer breakdown as well, a link to the trailer will be at the bottom of the post, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Now that, that is out of the way I can talk about the trailer and give a full breakdown. Basically I love this trailer, perfect pace and teasing us with just enough, and I don’t even have to mention the ending of the trailer.

We start the trailer in a very cold looking place, my guess is that this is were maybe a prototype of the prison will be, possibly near where Captain America was found in the First Avenger. Now we see a door open, it looks like maybe a vault. My guess is that this is again a prototype of the prison and maybe Tony has Bucky already locked up here, maybe General Thunderbolt Ross has him locked up.

Here we see Bucky locked up now I reckon here he is locked up by Thunderbolt Ross or Tony, maybe it is a flashback of some sort. Then we see different shots of massive disasters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, firstly we see New York with the Avengers film, then Washington DC with Captain America the Winter Soldier then Sokovia with Avengers Age of Ultron. Thunderbolt Ross is telling the Avengers that they are a danger and people are afraid of them.

new york



Then we see a man dressed up in a suit and tie and I feel like this Black Panther and if it isn’t then I apologize for appearing arrogant. Now we get Tony and Steve talking about how they need to be in check and then a building appears from the ocean, The Raft aka the prison, this will be the prison that Tony builds to keep those who don’t side with him locked up.


Here we get Bucky driving on a motorbike and chasing after him is Black Panther, who again looks perfect with Captain America chasing after him. I can not wait to see this scene in the actual film. I feel like he is chasing him because Bucky killed Black Panther’s father or maybe after the explosion in the building Black Panther chases him down.


Then we get my favorite scene from the Superbowl trailer, with Tony putting on the Repulser Glove out of a watch and stopping Bucky from shooting him, the look on Tony’s face makes the whole thing, showing that they are now willing to kill each other for this cause.

Now we get Cap running through a building that is exploding, my guess is this is the same place where Bucky escapes, then Black Panther chases Bucky. This part is very interesting because Rhodes is in his War Machine suit and flying but a blast from something hits his arc reactor and the suit shuts down causing him to crash down, then Tony is holding a Rhodes who is badly hurt or dead? I can’t wait to see the first fight in the film between them all.

We see some military men getting out of a back of a van and just quickly in the back we see Crossbones who looks great honestly. Now a quick shot of Black Widow attacking some of the military men. Then we see Tony in the new Avengers Building with a sling on, now my guess is this is after the first fight and his arm is dislocated or broken.

Now we see Cap in a banged up room, this is one of two options I think. Option One, he is attempting to recruit Scott Lang here, this is the most likely option of the two, the other is Cap attempting to recruit Peter Parker here.

We see Tony smack Cap and Cap goes quite a few feet but Bucky is in the background, this will be just before the beat down scene of Cap and Bucky beating on Tony. Then we fight between Bucky and Black Panther on a roof a building and a Helicopter shoots at them and the bullets just bounce of Black Panther.

Here we see Scarlet Witch doing something to Vision, my guess is she is paralyzing him in a way, de-powering him because I mean Vision could kill any of them quite easily.


Now we get a scene what I wanted and thought we would get in Infinity War. Hawkeye shoots an arrow with Antman stood on top of it, he is going to attack Tony here, I got so excited when I saw this.


Now some more of the fight between Crossbones and Cap, I can not wait for this film honestly I am pumped for this. We get Tony in the Iron Man suit saying “Stay down” and Cap replies in the way what is perfect for his character “I can do this all day” a throw back to when he fought in the First Avenger in the alley, he won’t ever back down from a fight. Then they beat down each other.


We get the best look at the teams attacking each other, dear lord give me this film in IMAX.


Then the part what had me being a massive nerd honestly, we hear Tony “Alright, I have ran out of patience, Anderoos” Then the Icon sound of them webs, and the webs attach to Captain America’s shield and we see Spiderman flipping over Cap and we see he has the Web shooters.


Then ties Cap’s hand together. He just kneels holding the shield and says “Hey everyone” HOLY SHIT, Fucking perfection, the suit looks amazing and the eyes move, now they look like they can zoom in so he has an advantage but come on, look at it, it looks like fucking perfection, I had a nerdgasm.



Tell me what you all thought of the trailer, Tweet me or go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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Captain America Civil War Trailer



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