Flash the Identity of Zoom Revealed!!! HUGE SPOILERS!!!

Flash the Identity of Zoom Revealed!!! HUGE SPOILERS!!!

Before I get started with this let me tell you all HUGE SPOILERS!! Zoom has honestly become one of my favorite TV villains of all time, he is even better than Reverse Flash from last season. It has been a huge question what every fan of Flash has been trying to figure out since he appeared in the show, earlier this season, who is Zoom? A LINK TO THE SCENE WILL BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST!

Zoom is a great villain because he has no chill at all, he will kill anyone who gets in his way and keeps those who he needs then kills them when he is done with them. Well in the newest episode of Flash, Season Two Episode 15 – “King Shark” we finally got the reveal of just who Zoom is.

Well recently our gang went over to Earth 2 and we got to see just how savage Zoom can be, on Earth 2 we saw Zoom kill Reverb (the Cissco) and Deathstorm (the Ronnie) of Earth 2, wow Ronnie can not catch a brake in any Earth. When our gang are leaving Earth 2, Zoom gets one last hit on the group, he kills Jay Garrick and brings his body back through to Earth 2. While over on Earth 2 there was a man locked up with a iron mask on and we can’t see who it is. We got to see in the Earth 2 episodes that this man knows Jay Garrick because he spelt his name out. We also saw how much faster and stronger Zoom is than Barry when he beat him to a within an inch of death, embarrassed him in front of the whole city and paralyised him, link to the scenes of Zoom’s badass moments will be at the bottom of the post!

Zoom attack.jpg

Well at the end of the episode “King Shark” Zoom is bringing Jay Garrick’s body to his lair, where the man in the iron mask is. Then Zoom takes his mask off, to reveal that he is in fact, SPOILERS!!!!!! Jay Garrick, how? I hear you say, well my theory is that the man in the iron mask is in fact the real Jay Garrick, this I had guessed when we saw him last week, this is because we get a quick look at his hair color and its the same color also he has a similar body frame to Jay. My guess is that Zoom and Jay Garrick (who died) are clones of the real Jay Garrick who is locked up in Zoom’s lair. Now why there is clones of Jay i don’t know, we do know that Jay was obsessed with getting fast, maybe this something happened while Jay was experimenting with himself and his 2 personalities personified in another being, Jay who is good and Zoom who is obsessed with speed and just wants to get faster. Maybe one of them are indeed Earth 1 Jay Garrick also known as Hunter Zolomon, a name any fan of Flash will know, if not go google him.

Jay Garrick
Hunter Zolomon A.K.A Jay Garrick

I have to admit, when Zoom first turned up I thought well Henry Allen just left for no reason, Zoom is Henry from Earth 2. Then I thought hey maybe they keep the dad element and he is Joe West from Earth 2 but that theory fell through pretty quickly. The identity of Zoom what I thought was going to happen was hey maybe it is Barry Allen from Earth 2 and our Barry has to fight himself but then we saw Barry on Earth 2. Turns out Zoom is Jay, I can’t wait to see how they explain this and to see what this will do to all the characters like Caitlin and Barry. Tell me what you think of the reveal, Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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Zoom’s Identity Revealed Scene!!!

Zoom kills Reverb and Deathstorm !!

Zoom beats Flash!!




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