More cast announced for Star Wars Episode 8

More cast announced for Star Wars Episode 8

Since I have just done one Star Wars post, I might as well do another one. Just the small news of some new cast for Episode VIII has been announced. One of the new cast members has been more or less confirmed for the last few weeks and the other two are quite out of nowhere. Spoilers for the Force Awakens.

The actor who has been all but confirmed for the last few weeks has been Benicio Del Toro, who if you have listened or paid any attention to the rumors then you knew that he was in the film, we were just waiting for an official announcement, now we can speculte who he is playing. I am guessing that he is paying someone who is with Supreme Leader Snoke, my guess is he is a Grand Moff of sorts, he is in charge of the whole army of the First Order, maybe he can bitch General Hux about for what has happened at the end of the Force Awakens with Starkiller Base.

benicio del toro
Benicio Del Toro
klly marie
Kelly Marie Tran
2009 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals
Laura Dern

The two new castings who we didn’t see coming is Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Chan. Now I don’t know much about Kelly Marie but I am going to assume that Laura Dern is playing someone in flashback, pure speculation here but I feel like she is maybe related to Rey, possibly she is Rey’s mother in flashbacks, maybe she died and Luke is telling her what happened, just pure speculation. Tell me if you are excited about these castings for Episode VIII, Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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