First look at Star Wars Episode 8!

It has been maybe a week since my last Star Wars post and of course I need to have another. Well this is a great way carry on my posts about Episode 8 after the announcement of the delay. A video has been released showing us a first look at Episode 8 and a link to the video will be at the bottom of the post. Also Spoilers apply for the ending of the Force Awakens.

The whole video is taking place on Skellig Michael Island aka the island where Luke has been for years, in the video we see Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker again saying nothing and Daisey Ridley’s Rey is there. We can assume that this is going to take place literally minuets or seconds after the ending of the Force Awakens.

We see them both and then bang we hear Rian Johnson say “Cut, beautiful.” Then we see VIII appear on the screen. “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Episode VIII.”

So we see that this is the first thing that they are filming and the whole video is an announcement that the production of Episode VIII has began. So it won’t be long until we see more and more set pics etc. Also there won’t be as much secrecy with this film compared to the Force Awakens. Tell me are you excited for Episode VIII, Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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Star Wars Episode VIII Production announcement




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