Batman v Superman Final Trailer Breakdown!

Batman v Superman Final Trailer Breakdown!

Well rather unexpectedly earlier on today we got the “Final Trailer” for Batman v Superman, apart from the International Trailer and all the TV Spots but regardless. I love this trailer and I may go so far to say it is the best we got, between this and the Comic Con trailer we got last year. A link to the trailer will be at the bottom of the post! GO WATCH IT!

We start the trailer with Alfred saying “Master Wayne, Thermal Imaging is showing two dozen hostiles on the third floor. Why don’t I drop you off on the second” Alfred is remote controlling the Bat-Wing and Bruce is inside. We see Bruce gliding through a window on to the second floor and I actually don’t know how to put in to word what the next 30 seconds or so were like. This is what Batman should be like, he is just whaling on these thugs and beating them down left and right.



AlfredThen we see a conversation between Bruce and Alfred and how Bruce is saying he is getting old and Alfred is being a more like Earth Two version of Alfred from the comics (congrats if you got that reference) a more hardened Alfred.

Now we see the shot that we have seen from every single trailer, it is from our point of view with Superman and Zod fighting in Metropolis. Next we see one of my favorite parts of what we have seen of the film, it is Batman in his Batmobile driving towards Superman and he hits into him but does nothing to him, the Batmobile bounces off him like it was nothing. Then we see the shot that has been one of the best parts of any marketing and it is Superman ripping the doors of the Batmobile and Batman stands up to meet him face to face.

Now we see Batman and Superman squaring off, but then Superman grabs Batman and shoots through a building holding him. Then we get a quick glampse at Clark Kent, I assume getting ready to go to work at the Daily Planet. A quick flash of Bruce pulling a sheet of his car, this is before the party where Bruce and Clark meet for the first time because it is the same car. Now a quick shot of Clark getting in a bath with Lois and kissing her, which is very irresponsible might I say because his clothes are now very wet. I don’t think it is happening in this film but I do really hope that at some point we get to see Lois pregnant with Clark’s child, maybe Injustice route? but I doubt it.

Another quick shot of the fight from the begging of the trailer, someone is about to shoot Batman and he throws a Batarang at the gun to stop it from hitting him obviously. Then we see something similar with Batman shooting his Grenade Launcher I believe it is and Superman just catches it like it was nothing. A very, very quick shot of the Bat-wing flying near Gotham’s Theater it look like.

Batman then crushing Superman through a window. Then we see what we can all assume is the death of the Waynes, because we are focusing on the gun and the bullet. Next up is Batman going to kick Superman but he just grabs his leg and throws him through a wall, again like he is nothing.

Now we finally hear Gal Gadot talk in this trailer and I have to admit it was a good line, here it is below.

Wonder Woman
I got this from the DC Extended Universe Page on Facebook.

Then we see Lois Lane again and she is swimming, this will be towards the end of the film I am assuming when we see Doomsday. Now we go back to the fight between Batman and the thugs, Batman is on the rafters and he is shooting at the thugs, maybe to daze them I don’t know.


Here we see Bruce shooting in his Bat-wing and it looks like he is shooting at Superman, but of course the bullets just bounce of him again like they were nothing. Then we get a quick shot of Martha Kent, it is good to see that she will be in the film, yes I know we saw her in other trailers but still.

Now this is a very interesting shot because we see Superman looking shocked and a bit confused and Lois is holding him, maybe he almost killed again, maybe he almost killed Bruce? I doubt it but I don’t know.

Superman confused

Again Batman and Superman are head to head. But then Superman just pushes Batman and he goes very very far.

Squaring off

HERE IT IS, the single frame that gave me a Nerdgasm, yes I had seen it before but that is the Omega Symbol, for you comic nerds like me, you know what this mean Darkseid, yeh yeh have fun X-men with Apocalypse, yeh yeh have fun Avengers with Thanos, this is Darkseid, even though they all look very similar and are quite similar anyway.

Omega Symbol


Then Parademons, like yes please! Parademons are basically Darkseid’s army.



Now Superman looks like he is trying to find Batman, that is what I think he is doing here.

Superman Red Eyes

Then this shot was amazing, I have got a gif of it just so you can see how amazing it is.


I loved this trailer so, tell me what you all think of the trailer, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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Batman v Superman Final Trailer WATCH IT NOW!



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