Captain America Civil War Superbowl ad & Breakdown!

Captain America Civil War Superbowl ad & Breakdown!

Right up there with Star Wars Rogue One and Batman v Superman for my most anticipated is Captain America Civil War. Let me tell you this ad may be my favorite of the whole lot. A link to the ad will be at the bottom of the post.

This is a great ad, maybe my favorite of the whole load and you can see why from watching it yourself.

Now we start the ad and one of the first shots we get is of Bucky, in his full Winter Soldier gear, now this has people guessing what may be happening here. My guess for this is that it is a flashback of sorts, it looks like either Bucky or someone else is talking about maybe another person Bucky killed while he was still the Winter Solider and under the control of Hydra. Maybe we see Bucky killing Tony’s parents? that would be interesting.

Then we get Falcon perched up on top of a building, this will take place mere frames before we see him jump in the first trailer. Next up is a shot of Captain America holding his hand up, either he is stopping Bucky or stopping everyone else from trying to shoot Bucky, but of to the side of the frame we see someone holding their hand up in the same way that Tony does in his Iron Man armor firing his repulsers. I am guessing that they are the agency who are after Bucky.

Now we get a quick shot of Scarlet Witch, looking shocked, now what she is shocked about we don’t know, it looks like this will be place that Crossbones and Captain America fight, but that is pure speculation. Next up is the best part of the ad, we have Tony Stark making a repulser glove out of his watch, now looking in the watch it looks like there is a mini arc reactor within, now I am guessing that the armor doesn’t come from the watch and just a repulser glove. Carrying on from that we see Bucky walking towards Tony with a gun, he pulls up the gun to shoot Tony square in the face but Tony place his repulser glove in the way and it stops the bullet, even Tony looks a bit surprised about it himself. He looks surpirsed to the fact that Bucky willing to kill him.


Here is a closer look.

Got this from Marvel Cinematic Page on Facebook. 

Next is James Rhodes, he is in his War Machine Armor and Tony rips off the helmet and his friend is down and bleeding, now I still don’t know if he is dead here, more than likely he isn’t but I do feel like Rhodes may die in this film. Then we get a look at Tony’s reaction and what the death of Rhodes would do to Tony, it would turn him down a dark path. Even if he doesn’t die, he is definitely is greatly injured, maybe something life threatening.


Now we see the Winter Solider with some mountains in the background, it looks cold there, get it Winter Solider, sorry about that. Maybe he is on a seperate mission here, now I am guessing that this isn’t a flashback because we can see his face and he wore the mask before. Maybe this is when he gets out of the vase but I doubt that also.

Next up is a great frame of Captain America kneeling down with the shield and Bucky standing above him with a gun ready to fire, this is when Tony come through and talks to them.


Now we get the teams getting ready to fight, on the right team, Captain America, we have Cap, Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Antman, by the way Antman’s new suit looks amazing. On the wrong team we have Iron man, War Machine, Vision, BLACK PANTHER! who looks amazing and Black Widow who I think will be a Spiderman like character in this film, she will go from one team to the other like Spiderman in the comics. Something you may notice in the picture below is that on Captain America’s shield we see claw marks down it, maybe 5. I am guessing that Cap and Black Panther have met before this fight here and it didn’t go too well for Cap since his shield has been damaged slightly.


Iron Man

But here is my reaction to the trailer (jokingly.) That is the ad breakdown, please tell me what you think of the ad, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.


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Captain America Civil War Ad




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