2 New Batman v Superman Ads

2 New Batman v Superman Ads

We just had Superbowl weekend and for me as a film fan I only look forward to the films trailers and ads that we get, this year was not a disappointment and I will be breaking down some of the trailers, so keep an eye out for them. First I shall be talking about the two new Batman v Superman Ads that we got.  Links to ads at the bottom of the post.

The two ads that we got for the upcoming film were Turkish Airlines adverts saying “Fly to Gotham” and “Fly to Metropolis.” These two trailers were great, I feel like the dropped small amounts of information and Easter Eggs.

Firstly lets talk about the fly to Metropolis ad. I love this ad because they show us that most of Metropolis are happy and like Superman, he is somewhat a local celebrity. Again we see the monument built to Superman with the wall which has family members names who died during the attack in Man of Steel. We also see Lex Luthor is rebuiding Metropolis with his company, now we had more or less knew anyway but it was good to have some confirmation. We get to see some more of Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and his public persona, as well as seeing the Daily Planet. Also we see a huge building that is safe to assume that the ginormous building belongs to a certain Lex Luthor.


Now lets talk about fly to Gotham, this ad is my favorite of the two ads. We get some small Easter Eggs here, we see Bruce talking about his company is helping make Gotham a better place, which he always does anyway, comics and film alike, always trying to make Gotham a better place. Then the small Easter Eggs like, ACE Chemicals, like this gave me such a nerdgasm, I love the character and the lore of Batman and to any Batman fan who knows much about the character will instantly know the ACE Chemicals. Then we get a mention of the famous Opera House, again if you know anything about Batman or call yourself a fan then you will know this Opera House all to well. Finally a mention of the Bat himself, we see his Bat Signal, shining the sky and the ad says “you may even catch a glimpse of a local celebrity.”


These two ads worked great together showing what Gotham and Metropolis look like and how they contrast each other. Metropolis is a city full of high rise building and Gotham very much has lower down buildings and seems more like a slums compared to Metropolis. Tell me what you all think of the ads, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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Batman v Superman Fly to Metropolis Ad

Batman v Superman Fly to Gotham Ad




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