10 Cloverfield Lane Ad Released

10 Cloverfield Lane Ad Released

Along with the greats ads for Batman v Superman and Captain America Civil War, we got an ad for 10 Cloverfield, one of the films that I am really looking forward to this year. We got a trailer randomly a few weeks ago and it had everyone questioning what is happening what it is about. Link to the ad at the bottom of the post.

Now you may think that a 30 second ad might not reveal much, but if you dig you can find some nice tidbits.

The ad starts straight away and we see that she is in a crash, now it is unknown if this takes place before the attack or after. What we do know is that she wakes up in John Goodman’s bunker with no idea why she is down there. John Goodman says that he is protecting them but for all she knows he is lying and is keeping her down her for no reason, little does she know that he is actually helping her.

We see a point where John Goodman is looking over her and she is in a room with nothing in it and she is handcuffed to a pipe now looking at this we see that she has already attempted to escape and it didn’t work, so to stop her trying again he handcuffs her.

Then we see the bunker on fire, I am guessing that either she or the other man there causes this and they all have to leave the bunker, because it is either go to the surface or burn down there. There is also a point where we see a gas mask but I think that this is showing that John Goodman’s character is prepared for anything and the survivors don’t actually need gas masks outside.

john goodman.jpg

We see an explosion and it is interesting to think what this. It may be showing us her crashing and behind her was an explosion, maybe this is after they get out from the bunker. Now we see her wearing the gas mask again I don’t think it is needed at all. We see John Goodman going to inject her with something to knock her out I am guessing when she tries to escape, I am guessing this is when she escapes the first time and she wakes up handcuffed to the pipe. Now we see John Goodman in a room that looks like the one that she was handcuffed in, maybe they lock him in while the bunker is on fire.

We end the trailer with her running to a really old house, it is dark out and so I am fairly sure that this is towards the end of the film, and a glow starts to come from the house or out the other side of the house. It looks like there is something behind the building shooting the light.


Then we hear a roar, I am going to guess that this is some trailer magic and that there is no roar at this point of the film and that this was placed here to trick us I do want to know if it is this, or maybe another. Keep an eye out because very, very soon I will have a post about Cloverfield and some theories and Easter Eggs in the film.


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10 Cloverfield Lane Ad


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