WWE Royal Rumble Review

WWE Royal Rumble Review

Well, this is awkward the Royal Rumble was 2 weeks ago and I am doing a review of it now. This is one of the first posts I am doing since taking a small break and I want to talk to Royal Rumble ok?

This years Royal Rumble was a great improvement from the last few years, now I didn’t hate the last few but they weren’t as good as years prior. This isn’t a Royal Rumble 2001 but it was a great PPV and a great way to start the year for WWE.

Firstly lets talk about Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose, dear lord, I was watching the match and when it started I said to my friend multiple times, WWE are confident to start the night with such a great match. Like honestly this match was the best match of the night (apart from the Rumble, of course) but for action and suspense it was a great and most of all fun match, I didn’t get bored like some WWE matches can become. Of course Amrbose won, I think we all saw that coming.


Then we had New Day vs the Usos, now again this was a good match, not as good compared to the Ambrose vs Owens but it was good, while the New Day don’t really entertain me I still enjoy the match, even though WWE did imply that Xavier Woods has a sexual relationship with his Trombone? ok then. I mean was there much surprise with this result, New Day won, they will keep the titles until Wrestlemainia.

new day

Next lets talk about Kalistio vs Alberto Del Rio, now this match was again entertaining, while I do feel like the match could have benefited from being a few minuets longer, WWE are really trying to push Del Rio but he isn’t liked anywhere near as much as he is in Mexico, like honestly. I don’t know why I thought Del Rio would win because in hindsight it was obvious that the face would win. Just before the match they showed a clip of Kalisto being interviewed and the League of Nations attacked him, when that happened I said to my friend, he’s going to win and of course he did. Like I said the match could have been a few minuets longer but it was good and fun.

del rio.jpg

Now we have Charlotte vs Becky Lynch, I really quit enjoyed this match which is something new because usually during the diva matches I go to the toiler or catch up on anything new on Facebook or Twitter but not this match. It was a good match they made it entertaining to watch but I have to say when Ric Flair kissed Becky Lynch both me and my friend were laughing a lot but every time I have thought about it since I have been quite dis-tasting towards it. The match was made when at the end Sasha Banks came out, I was really excited to see this and where it will go.

becky lynch

Finally we have the main reason anyone knows or watches the Royal Rumble, the Pre Match no of course it is the Royal Rumble itself. Let me just say that before the PPV even started I said to my friend that if AJ Styles comes then I will lose my shit. So the Rumble starts with Roman vs Rusev, ok nothing new we have seen this before but then the music for entrant 3 comes on and it is music that isn’t familiar, I start to think maybe just maybe. Then you hear that crowd and see him walk out, AJ FUCKING STYLES came out! Like holy shit, now we kinda knew this would happen but still, watch this clip at the bottom of post and listen to the crowd when AJ comes out. The Rumble was really good I thought, now obvious Roman being taken out to rest was obvious, like really? yeh they did this with Stone Cold when he left in an Ambulance but come on why do this, no wonder the crowd were booing. The match kept going and going and don’t get me wrong I was loving it. Out comes Kevin Owens limping from his match against Dean earlier, he targets AJ Styles almost throws him, I am sat on the edge of my seat, then he is able to throw AJ out saying “Welcome to WWE” while doing so. Boos insued but that is what you want, booing for the heels, that is good heel heat. Then Sami Zayn comes out and throws out Kevin Owens.


Just about the whole Wyatt family were out, apart from Bray. When Braun Stroaman came out he threw Kane and Big Show out and he managed to botch that as well. Please don’t have Braun vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania PLEASE!. But then out comes the contestant we were waiting for, the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, he just destroyed everyone. Like it is what the beast does he destroys, he makes everyone regret their life choices, he eliminated the Wyatt Family. Then out comes Bray Wyatt and uses them all to come back in and eliminate Brock but he throws them out again and again they comes back and throw Brock out. Setting up Brock vs Bray at Wrestlemainia. Some how Jericho Y2J himself was still in at this point and remained in till towards the end of the Rumble. Dean enters and maybe one or two entrants later out comes Sheamus, and while Sheamus is walking out Roman Superman Punches him and is received with boos.


Out comes number 30, the most predictable entrant, I had it wrote down as you can see below, my friend says if he comes out and wins I will buy you three pints.


The Game himself comes out at 30, the last 5 are Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Sheamus and Triple H. They set up maybe a Triple H vs Bray Wyatt down the road but Bray gets thrown out. Dean gets Sheamus over the top rope but he doesn’t fall until Roman hits him with a Superman Punch but then to everyone’s surprise, not really, Triple H eliminated him, now I thoguth Roman vs Triple H last but not Triple H vs Dean Ambrose. Triple H does his D Generation Celebration/taunt and it comes down to Ambrose vs Triple H. After maybe 3 minuets Triple H eliminates Dean to become to Champion yet again.

Triple H.gif

The next PPV is Fast Lane and it is Brock vs Dean vs Roman for the title fight against Triple H at Wrestlemainia, let me tell you how that will go. Dean will get pinned by Roman, of course he wins and Brock Lesnar after destroying them the Wyatt’s interrupt the match, if enjoyed the Rumble tell me, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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