Flash and Supergirl Crossover Confirmed!

Flash and Supergirl Crossover Confirmed!

I haven’t done a post for a little while but I am back and with a vengance. Well since I have been gone we have got confirmation for Grant Gustin’s Flash to crossover with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl.

I am a huge Flash fan as Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen is in my top 10 favorite characters on TV. I have not yet seen Supergirl, I was planning on binge watching the show when it is done with the first series, looks like I won’t be doing that now. Now I know some of the stuff what has happened on Supergirl, SPOILERS! Martian Manhunter has been in show.

But the Flash is my jam, it is one of my favorite shows of all time and it only continues to show me why it deserves to have that title. So I will be watching Supergirl before this happens. The crossover is to happen at the end of March, guess what else happens in March, Daredevil and that little film called Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. So March is a huge month and I will have no time for anything else (Thanks DC and Marvel.) Please tell me what you all think of this crossover, do you enjoy the shows? I want to know. Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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